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Paralegal Job Posting of the Week: “Don’t Throw People Under The Bus”

Paralegal Job Posting of the Week: “Don’t Throw People Under The Bus”

Or “Loose” the Attitude. Like You Have to Ask Me Twice.

This Craigslist ad for a Dallas law firm is few weeks old, but it’s too good not to share:

…looking for a Paralegal to support several attorneys. This is a fast-paced insurance defense, Civil Litigation law firm in the Turtle Creek area. Candidates must have strong litigation skills, exceptional organizational skills, possess excellent oral and written communication skills, type a minimum of 50 wpm, and be detailed oriented. Paralegal Certification is required. Other necessary traits: No egomaniacs, loose the attitude, be willing to work hard, mind your manners, be able to laugh at yourself and, most importantly, don’t throw people under the bus. The firm provides a competitive salary commensurate with experience and exceptional benefits (401K, medical, parking, vision, etc.)

It starts out like a garden-variety legal support staff ad – until you get to the confusing and somewhat spastic personal traits, which made my head spin when I tried to sort them out.

Be humble. Got it.

“Loose” the attitude. Okay. I am woman, hear me ROAR.

Oh, you had more ladylike good manners in mind? No more roaring. Hear me purr.

Also hear me chuckle over my own silliness.

Don’t throw anybody under a bus. Check. ‘Cause I so would have if you hadn’t told me not to. Oh, right, “loose” the attitude.

This must be why so many paralegal ads say “must be able to laugh at yourself.”


Thanks to my lovely Twitter informant who passed this ad along to me. I’m keeping her identity confidential, because she actually applied for this job. Good luck, sweetie!

5 Responses to Paralegal Job Posting of the Week: “Don’t Throw People Under The Bus”

  1. I am in a college computer lab reading this, hoping that nobody thinks I am weird as I silently laugh at this posting. This made my day. Thanks for sharing this.


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