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The Paralegal Picture: Best Internet Quotes for the Week Ending 06/07/09

Unfortunately, too many legal staffers have made the national news recently for the wrong reason: unfettered access to firm accounts leading to embezzlement. In a recent National Law Journal article, “Law firms make easy pickings for embezzlers”, the disturbing trend is discussed.

“Having someone arrested doesn’t get your money back.” – Stephen Pedneault, principal of Forensic Accounting Services in Glastonbury, Connecticut, bluntly states the funds are usually gone for good, while discussing the rise in embezzlement by legal staffers. (The National Law Journal)

Paralegals are generally intelligent people with great communication skills and a highly developed sense of humor which is necessary to deal with the demanding pace of a legal career (beats crying, right?). I am very pleased to have found three paralegals who are blogging and sharing both their experience and their wit with the rest of us.

“I was reading Litigation Support Today and the article kept referring to links that started with http//tinyurl. Baffled and bewildered I had to figure out what a tiny url was. So I went to and low and behold I quickly found out!” – Paralegal Kim Walker posts about “tinyurls” at her blog, Paralegal Pie.

Don’t feel bad, Kim – I jokingly called them “Tiny Earls” for weeks before figuring out what they really are and how to make them.

We are leaving for Miami Beach in 13 days. YEA!!! I really need to get away. I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired, and I’m pretty sure that a beach, a daiquiri, and a cabana boy could cure my blues! – Jessica Hardison-Prince shares her upcoming vacation plans. (Paralegal Diva)

Jessica, a daiquiri goes a long way toward lifting my blues, especially with lunch.

Objective: Attain a position where I can Tweet, browse the Net, Facebook, and Blog all day. – From the resume of “Coco LaRue” posted at Texas Paralegal Andrea Wallace’s new blog “Coconut Unleashed” (Coconut Unleashed)

Since my dream job is “Official Twitterer”, I can totally relate. You think I’m joking, but these jobs really exist. For example, one Oregan county is paying $60,000.00 – $70,000.00 per year for a “social media coordinator”. Hello, Multnomah County, if you still need someone, I’ll do it – for less!

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