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The Paralegal Picture: Best Internet Quotes for the Week Ending 05/09/09

The Paralegal Picture:  Best Internet Quotes for the Week Ending 05/09/09

Employers are still interested in paralegal graduates, so hang in there and be creative with your job search. A California bankruptcy paralegal enjoys working on pro bono bankruptcy cases. It’s official; the SEC desperately needs some good paralegals. Finally, an anonymous wit posts a funny Craigslist ad for an associate attorney. While the job likely doesn’t exist, the benefits include sharing space with the office paralegal. Of course, the paralegal gets to decide what part of their desk the associate can use.

First and foremost, [don’t] be overwhelmed or discouraged by the current dismal economic conditions. The good news is that there are quality jobs out there, but students need to be proactive in order to find them. It is more important than ever to utilize their Career Services Department for assistance in creating a resume, polishing their interview skills and devising a job search plan. ~ Brenda Williams, Director of Career Services, at Southwest Tennessee Community College. Ms. Williams says that employer interest in graduates of their associates degree programs in paralegal studies, business, criminal justice and engineering technology. (Tri-State Defender)

I have found our pro bono clients to be a joy to work with. They’re grateful for the help but more than that, they become our partners by working with us, carefully following our instructions, and taking great delight in every settlement obtained. The best part is hearing the relief in their voices on the phone when we advise them of the settlements. It’s a wonderful feeling to help someone who was feeling despair not so long ago, and now to hear them finding hope and looking forward to a brighter financial future…it’s one of the best parts of my job. ~ Tanya Scott, paralegal at Bay View Law Group, P.C. in California. The firm, which specializes in bankruptcy services, is providing pro bono services to individuals who have “experienced exceptional financial hardship”. (P R Web)

Investigative attorneys with whom we spoke concurred that having little or no administrative or paralegal support causes them to spend considerable time on non-legal duties such as copying, filing, document-scanning, preparing exhibits, making travel arrangements, soliciting bids for court reporters, and logging and processing documents submitted by respondents. ~ May 6, 2009 report of the Government Accountability Office regarding staffing at the SEC. The report findings do not inspire confidence in the agency’s ability to oversee securities, but I bet there are many attorneys there who have a profound appreciation for efficient legal support staff. (TPMMuckraker)

Must be willing to share a desk with a paralegal. She said you can have the top drawer. ~ Craigslist ad for associate attorney. So the job’s not real. I wonder how many attorneys tried to apply anyway? And it’s an honor to share a desk with a paralegal. (Craigslist, ABA Journal)

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