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The Paralegal Picture: Best Internet Quotes for the Week Ending 03/07/09

The Paralegal Picture:  Best Internet Quotes for the Week Ending 03/07/09

Last week, attorneys were reminded that paralegals are non-exempt employees under the FLSA and therefore entitled to overtime pay, and that giving defendant-employers pre-suit notice in wage and hour cases is not only prudent, but part of the gentleman’s code of conduct expected by the courts. A laid-off paralegal struggles to find a job, despite having a graduate degree and placing hundreds of applications. A legal assistant’s life is saved by the quick actions of her firm’s part-time courier, and Julia Ormond will play one of the lead characters, a legal assistant, in a Lifetime Movie.

“I agree that it’s fairly common. I do a lot of lectures, and when I’ve lectured about paralegals, I saw lawyers’ eyes popping out. That still happens. There are still plenty of law firms that have not totally caught on and think if they pay a salary to employees, they’re exempt.” ~ Sam J. Smith, an attorney at Burr & Smith, a Tampa Florida law firm which represents employees in labor matters. (The U.S. Department of Labor recently found Tampa law firm, Solomon Law Group, in violation of the FLSA in regard to violations “resulting in 22 due back wages in the amount of $15,262.”) (Tampa Bay Business Journal)

“This court will not permit lawyers to file unnecessary litigation and palm it off on their clients.” ~ U.S. Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals regarding its decision not to award paralegal Christine Sahyer’s attorney any attorney fees and costs for failing to give her employer pre-suit notice of her claim for overtime pay – at her instruction. (Tampa Bay Business Journal)

“It’s horrible. Just in the last month I’ve applied to over 180 jobs.” ~ Floridian Irene Grissom, who was laid off from her paralegal position in September 2007, but has been unable to find another job, despite having an MBA. (Florida Today).

“The movie [The Wronged Man] — set to debut on Lifetime Television this fall — is based on the true story of a man falsely convicted of rape in 1986. Actress Julia Ormond plays a legal assistant who fights for nearly 20 years to overturn the conviction.” ~ Reporter Elizabeth Richardson, Times Herald. Com. It’s exciting to see another major legal assistant character featured in a movie, and played by someone as talented and accomplished as Julia Ormond.

“I could tell his adrenaline was pumping. He gave me three or four really good thrusts. A week later, I’m still hurting…That boy saved my life.” ~ North Carolina legal assistant Scotty Jenkins, of the Raleigh bankruptcy law firm, Kirschbaum Nanney Keenan and Griffin, whose life was saved by co-worker and Eagle Scout Chandler Haynie, when he heard her choking and performed the Heimlich maneuver. (The Charlotte Observer)

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