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The Paralegal Picture: Best Internet Quotes for the Week Ending 02/14/09

The Paralegal Picture:  Best Internet Quotes for the Week Ending 02/14/09

It’s been a busy week in the paralegal profession. A legal assistant is essential to maintaining her attorney’s practice while the attorney deals with a health crisis, a fictional paralegal juggles fashion and murder, a domestic paralegal discusses custody of the family dogs, and a former paralegal tried the job but didn’t like that “caged” feeling.

“Terri Kelly, Rosemary’s legal assistant, has been invaluable, and of course, as Rosemary would tell you, she has the best clients in the world.” – by Maryland attorney Mary Ann Ferguson who has been generously covering attorney Rosemary McDermott’s practice while Ms. McDermott awaits a heart transplant. (The Frederick News-Post)

“I’ve been a paralegal for 20 years and the actions of Mr. Salazar are staggering, and the number of people he’s victimized and the dollar amounts are more than I can even estimate.” – by Colorado paralegal Michelle Judson about the sentencing of real estate mogul Erie Salazar in a mortgage scheme. Ms. Judson worked on the case for nine years. (The Denver

“We’ve had cases where, just like the parents will share custody of the kids, they have joint custody of the pets, and this is spelled out in the separation agreement.” – by North Carolina paralegal Steve Dunn while discussing pet custody in domestic cases. (Asheville-Citizen Times)
“Sometimes, I almost feel guilty I have a job.” – by North Carolina paralegal Annie Kosko, who is working with an increased number of clients that are filing bankruptcy petitions. (
“Pert paralegal Finley Anderson Tanner is stunned when her divalicious mother, Cassidy Johnstone, sells her the beach-front house once owned by Finley’s late beloved stepdad, Jonathan Tanner, for $25,000. Discouraged by the renovations needed on the property, Finley finds support from such friends as interior designer Sam and annoying if hunky PI Liam McGarrity. Nothing prepares her, however, for the literal skeleton in the closet—the remains of a girl clutching a medallion Finley gave Jonathan when she was a child. Finley’s frantic efforts to stay romantic and fashion forward while seeking to identify a homicide victim and catch a nefarious killer make for a jittery mix that doesn’t always jell.” – Publishers Weekly review of Fat Chance, a novel by Rhonda Pollero. (Publishers Weekly)

“I felt like I was in a cage.” – by North Carolinian Kimberly Clark who tried working as a paralegal but has since started Avalon, a farm therapy program. (The Winston-Salem Journal).

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