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The Paralegal Picture: Best Internet Quotes for the Week Ending 04/12/09

The Paralegal Picture:  Best Internet Quotes for the Week Ending 04/12/09

This week’s quotes include the ideal attributes for successful paralegals and paralegal students, including a student who shares helpful academic advice via her blog. A student discusses using a paralegal studies program to change careers, and a career advisor suggests relocation as a possibility for job seekers in depressed markets. Finally, a legal assistant has an unusual but self-esteem building fitness routine.

“The quality of Lorraine’s work is always outstanding and she is noted for her professionalism. As a team player, Lorraine is exceptional, and she often takes the initiative to research new and better methods to do her job more efficiently. The tremendous pride that Lorraine takes in her work is always apparent, and her input and in projects has been invaluable.” ~ The City of Oxnard praises paralegal Lorraine Ebdon, the First Quarter Employee of 2009. (VenturaCountyStar) (I can’t think of a better description of a successful paralegal and role model.)

“I’m glad I got to be homeless, because you realize what’s important in life. All the nit-picky things that people worry about on a daily basis that complicate and confuse their lives – not a bit of it is important.” ~ North Carolina paralegal student Lorie Pacheco, who has recently received several national awards for outstanding academic achievements, talks about using her life experiences to make a better life for herself and others. (Star-News Online)

“For paralegal students like myself who are uncertain of the area of law in which they would like to work, it might help to begin reading various practice blogs offered on the Web. Depending on the area of law, many subject blogs can be found simply by using various keywords on a search engine such as Google or Yahoo.” ~ Jen Richter, California paralegal student and blogger at Paralegal Student in the Golden State, discusses using the Internet to investigate legal specialty areas. (Paralegal Student in the Golden State). (I recommend adding Jen’s blog to your favorites on your browser. She is a good writer and a thorough researcher, exactly what you’d expect from a librarian utilizing her skills in a paralegal studies program.)

“I saw in the paper, within days of my layoff, that [the community college] was offering free tuition for displaced workers. I thought, here’s an opportunity for me to go back and see if I can fashion a new career.” ~ Pennsylvanian Rhoda Joseph, who was laid off from her job as a chemist after 20 years, enrolled in a paralegal program. She is hoping transfer her science skills into patent or intellectual property law. (Christian Science Monitor)

“For instance, our paralegal and visual communication majors will find more opportunities in the larger metropolitan areas at this time. So our graduates may have to open up their geographic region to find the job opportunities that they really are seeking.” ~ Natalie Brandon, career coordinator at Northwest State Community College in Ohio, recommends that job seekers be open to relocation. (

“I’m a legal assistant by day and a pole hound by night. No, not a stripper! I started pole dancing a year and a half ago and I’m addicted. I don’t believe any woman is too old to find her sexy side.” ~ Judy Dodd, a Canadian legal assistant shares her fitness secret. (The Toronto Sun)

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  1. Betty — Thanks for commenting – you made my day! Comments are always welcome. One of my goals in blogging is to raise issues for everyone to think about (including me — I’m still puzzling over the 100k in dirty money story) and to start a dialogue with readers interested in the paralegal profession.

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