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The Paralegal Picture: Best Internet Quotes for the Week Ending 03/21/09

This week paralegals are struggling to keep their homes and families intact. The AIG bonus scandal is fodder for comment by paralegals. A paralegal student takes advantage of a unique opportunity to learn fencing. Finally, Saudi women remind us that we sometimes take for granted the many opportunities we have to work in the legal field and to even become lawyers if we choose.

“It’s a top priority with me to hold on to this little house.” ~ Nebraska paralegal Ellen Braech is unemployed for the first time in her life and is missing her first mortgage payment ever. She is having difficulty getting her mortgage company to grant her a forebearance in a timely manner to prevent the start of foreclosure proceedings. (

“Right now, bankruptcies are going up for me. This economy is very good for my business.” ~ California paralegal Angelia Polk, who recently got an apartment after being homeless. She’s grateful for her new home and that her home-based paralegal business is growing. (

“Why is it that first-time homebuyers get this huge credit … when the prices of homes are extremely low anyway? Meanwhile, people like us who would like to get a bigger home, or refinance our current home, can’t because the market is such that our home wouldn’t be valued what it should be …” ~ Minnesota paralegal Jen Bauer reflects that the stimulus bill will likely not benefit her middle-class family before Vice-President Joe Biden’s town hall meeting in St. Cloud last week. (

“They should subscribe to the Thomas Friedman idea and be like those teachers in Maryland who gave back their annual bonuses voluntarily.” ~ New York paralegal James Coppinger comments on the AIG bonus scandal. (The Epoch Times)

“I think it’s a downright insult to the American people. It’s laughing in our face. It’s a disgrace. I’m a taxpayer. I don’t need to work my backside off to fill their pockets. I can barely make ends meet.” ~ New York legal assistant Elizabeth Papadatos also comments on the AIG bonus scandal. (Brisbane Times)

“I’d always been interested in fencing as a kid. You see it in pirate and samurai movies. I’ve seen it on TV, and I thought it was really cool. So far I like it a lot. Last week we practiced with the foil. Everyone had a sword. We were working on our footwork and sword movements. Today, we’re going to do some pairing up, since we just got all our equipment.” ~ Tennessee paralegal student Destiny Miller discusses her participation in Pellissippi State Community College’s new fencing club. (

“Why are they letting us study law courses in college when we are not allowed to practice what we have learned and be lawyers in the real world. I am glad that we can work in law firms, but we want more than that; for instance, I want to have my own law office.” ~ Saudi law school student Sarah Ali comments on Saudi law firms starting to let women work as paralegals. However, women currently cannot obtain licenses to practice law. (Saudi Gazette)

I agree with Mr. Coppinger that the AIG executives who received bonuses from bailout funds should return them voluntarily. I would not want to be on the published list of executives who received a bonus.

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