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The Paralegal Picture: Best Internet Quotes for the Week Ending 03/28/09

The Paralegal Picture:  Best Internet Quotes for the Week Ending 03/28/09

Paralegals use the Internet for their job search (viewing the newspaper classifieds as obsolete but hopefully not discarding newspapers in their entirety), and a paralegal student with access to campus wireless searches for answers to his professors’ questions online. Paralegals discuss the recession from their point of view, as one laid off paralegal counsels job seekers, and another paralegal who quit his job for love now wonders about the wisdom of his decision. Even paralegal students are closely watching their pennies. A paralegal who became a Teen Court coordinator finds her extra duties surprisingly rewarding. Finally, a paralegal loses her beloved dog to area coyotes.

“I don’t think anyone reads the paper anymore. Anyone I know who’s looking for a job uses online tools.” ~ Canadian paralegal Jennifer Trevett discussed her search for a paralegal job in Vancouver. She found work as a supervisor of investment relations through (and as a supervisor hired three more employees through the same site). (

“Sometimes the professor asks a question and I’ll type it into Google and get the answer.” ~ Win Lam, a paralegal studies student at Pasedana City College, which now has wireless Internet available campus wide. (PCC Courier) (Wow, I’d have looked really smart back in the “Stone Age” if I’d had access to a smartphone or laptop in class.)

“I can relate to the people I see come in here every day. They’re angry and in tears. They need jobs.” ~ Georgia legal assistant Patricia Whisenhut, who was laid off from her job last July but obtained a part-time job two months ago at Augusta’s One-Stop Career Center as a customer service representative. (Augusta Chronicle)

Last September, with $10k in the bank, I quit my stressful-but-profitable paralegal job, moved out of my parents’ house in Connecticut (the poor half) for the third time and got an apartment in New Hampshire, to be closer to my girlfriend. I spent three months being mostly unemployed, tutoring a few kids for $15 a week, and sending out resumes for office positions. I even got a few interviews, but nothing panned out. For Christmas, I got a seasonal retail job, where I still am today, at federal minimum wage and 20 hours a week.

My savings are gone. Of all the things I lost in this not-too-smart move, I miss my health coverage the most; my year-old eyeglasses are pretty much useless, and since running out of Lipitor in October, I get weekly angina attacks.

~ An anonymous unemployed paralegal posted this comment in response to “The View from Your Recession”. (The Atlantic) (There’s a conundrum: love or health insurance? I can relate to the useless glasses, and wish him the best of luck in locating a job with benefits.)

“I think the food is expensive. I spend about $20 on food each week.” ~ California paralegal student, Sandra Mayoral, a student at Cerritos College, comments on living within a tight student budget, and brings her own food to school to save money. ( (I bring my own lunch to work, too.)

“One of the teen court defendants came up to me and thanked me for allowing him to participate in Teen Court. He said that the experience made him learn the value of making the right choices in life. He expressed a desire to join Teen Court as a student volunteer because he was impressed at the ability of the volunteers and felt that they had treated him fairly.” ~ Jennifer Webb, Kentucky 25th Judicial District paralegal and Madison County’s Teen Court and Youth In Action coordinator, discussing her change of heart about the value of the program, after her initial reservations about working with adolescents. (The Richmond Register)

“That was just probably the worst thing that’s ever happened to me so far.” ~ Florida paralegal Danielle Kelly, after finding the remains of her Pomeranian, Foxy Lady, in January 2009, a victim of the increasingly aggressive coyote population in North Pinellas. (St. Petersburg Times) (After just doing a post about how much our pets give back to us, my heart goes out to you, Ms. Kelly.)

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