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The Paralegal Picture: Best Internet Quotes of the Week Ending 05/31/09

The Paralegal Picture:  Best Internet Quotes of the Week Ending 05/31/09

A paralegal student reminds us of the importance of being an organ donor:

“Everyone pretty much takes their health for granted. I know I did. I still have friends who don’t want to be organ donors and I do understand that everyone has a right to make their own decision. But waiting for a transplant might change their minds.” ~ Wisconsin paralegal student Kelly Clough, recipient of a heart transplant. (Oshkosh Northwestern)

Are you an organ donor? I am. It’s easy to designate the decision on your driver’s license. For more information, see

A paralegal receives the following layoff notice in the worst “Dear John” fashion:

“Regretfully, the firm has to engage in some significant spending cuts. This now must include laying you off, effective immediately. I have enjoyed working with you and have appreciated your help. If you have personal items in the office, you are more than welcome to collect them at your convenience.” ~ April 6, 2009 email received by Texas paralegal Sydnie Taylor at 6:00 a.m. – as she was preparing to leave for work. The email was the first notice she received that she was terminated by her employer. (Christian Science Monitor)

A plucky legal assistant, laid off for almost a year, takes her job search to the streets.

“A lot of people honk and a lot of people wave to me, which is kind of nice, makes me feel like I’m not an idiot. It’s been a long year and I need a job, badly.” ~ Florida legal assistant Tina Mauldin discusses her efforts to locate a job, including standing at a busy intersection in a suit holding a “needs employment” sign. (

Another paralegal decided that a dramatic career change was in order.

“I followed my wife, Michele, to Colorado for her to pursue a career as a paralegal, which she hated and now works with me at my dog training school…” ~ Dr. Robert Forto, training director and owner of Denver Dog Works in Colorado. (The Gangline)

Finally, for those of you who have long awaited the cookie diet, this one’s for you — but it may not be quite what you have in mind when you think of cookies…

“They do curb your appetite. But they ain’t no chocolate chip cookie.” ~ Canadian legal assistant Anett Pincus talks about Hollywood’s latest diet trend, Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet, to get ready for bikini season.

Of course, the cookies are not the home-baked high-sugar variety, and the prescribed dinner amounts to little more than a plain chicken breast and some steamed veggies. (Vancouver Sun)

This is a complete non sequitur, but I didn’t know Canadians said “ain’t”, too.

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