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The Paralegal Picture: Best Quotes for the Week Ending 06/21/09

The Paralegal Picture: Best Quotes for the Week Ending 06/21/09

I did several posts on stress-eating this week, which seems to be a hot issue in the news.

“I should just put them down on the seat and sit on them. That’s where they’re going to go — on my behind. I eat them because it makes me feel better.” ~ California paralegal Leslie Fuller admits that she’s having trouble sticking to her grocery list and is stress-eating, throwing candy in her cart instead. (The Associated Press)

Another legal assistant isn’t stressing over candy but she is concentrating on celebrating the humble zucchini and feeling a little panicky about the upcoming zucchini festival she’s organizing with the blessing of her community.

“It’s an inexpensive way to spend time with the family … a chance to get out and participate.” ~ California legal assistant Elaine Rutkowski, the organizer of Anderson’s Zucchini Festival 2009, encourages zucchini growers to come and compete in various contests, including best recipes, bake-offs and relay races. (

And then there’s the more radical community activist route, where you share your vegetables with your fellow citizens, whether they ask for them or not.

“When you have beautiful things, it affects you in a positive way. When you have ugly things, well, it affects you in a negative way.” ~ Iowa legal assistant Olenka Gadzik beautifies her city’s urban landscape by planting flowers and vegetables in public spaces on her lunch hour. (Quad City Times)

Finally, a paralegal re-discovers the joy of dance in her life and finds that the arts enrich the practice of law very well.

“So, as some of my followers may know (what? I have followers?!), I have started taking ballet classes again, allowing ballet and dance back into my life after almost 4 months off. It was physically painful to go back. Now, the pain has gone and my body has accepted the fact that I am dancing again, and my soul is singing. As I dance, I can’t help but smile. It is great to just move, and feel pretty, or whatever the music demands of me. To jump and turn and push myself. It’s amazing.” ~ California paralegal Kristina Duncan blogs about balancing a legal career and her love of dance at Paralegal Associates.

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