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Paralegal Posting of the Week: CIA Paralegal

While doing some fun but intensive research for an article on paralegal careers, I am reviewing many interesting paralegal job postings across the country. I think some of them are way too cool to keep to myself. Hence, Practical Paralegalism’s “Paralegal Posting of the Week” is born.

This week it’s work for the Central Intelligence Agency in Washington, DC. Where do I sign up? Maybe it’s just great copy-writing, but it’s hard to resist this job description:

The Central Intelligence Agency is seeking Paralegal professionals to provide case management, legal research, case-cite verification, blue book citations and general paralegal support to the Office of General Counsel. Paralegals support legal issues relating to foreign intelligence, counterintelligence activities, and both civil and criminal litigation.

Requirements for this job are:

Degree: Paralegal certificate
Experience: A broad range of experience in the legal profession; the ability to research, analyze and organize effectively
Software: Internet (LEXIS-NEXIS and PACER)
Skills: Legal research, PC, strong written and oral communications

The salary’s not too shabby, at $60,989 – $79,280, although the cost of living in the DC area is high. The application requirements do include submission of a legal writing sample.

Here’s the link for the job posting:

One Response to Paralegal Posting of the Week: CIA Paralegal

  1. Of course you shouldn't neglect to consider that the CIA is one of two agencies that requires a polygraph for all employees. The polygraph will be a small part of the most invasive inquiry into everything bad you've ever done that you probably already forgot about.

    Not saying don't do it — just saying give it a thinkin' about.

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