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Paralegal Posting of the Week: Come See the Legal Side of Sears

Paralegal Posting of the Week:  Come See the Legal Side of Sears

Sears Holdings Corporation (Sears and Kmart) is looking for a Senior Paralegal to work in its Hoffman Estates, Illinois headquarters.

Job Description

  • Assist business client in responding to discovery
  • Conducts research and analysis on factual issues for discovery and investigations
  • Interface with third party vendors of software applications
  • Maintain and organize historical set of discovery- related documents
  • Assist in preparation and drafting of discovery responses in collaboration with outside counsel
  • Conduct basic legal research as needed under guidance of attorneys
  • Maintain computer databases to organize and store legal information
  • Applies independent judgment to make sound decisions within prescribed authorization level

Degree: Paralegal certificate from accredited school; bachelor’s degree preferred
Experience: 5-7 years of litigation; knowledge of FRCP and e-discovery processes
Skills: Excellent verbal and written communication skills; ability to handle multiple priorities and deadlines; possess strong organization skills
Software: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Lotus Notes, imaging/document database tools

Apply here.

I featured this job posting because it contains very common requirements for many paralegal jobs, including the preferred bachelor’s degree, standard software requirements, legal competencies, and above average communication and organizational skills. When I suggest to job seekers that they carefully study paralegal job postings and prepare functional skills resumes that highlight the kinds of qualifications that legal employers want – these are the types of educational, computer and practice skills that I’m talking about.

Here’s a fun and possibly weird fact about Hoffman Estates, which is a suburb of Chicago. It is home to the Chicago Bliss (if you find the Victoria’s Secret catalog offensive, don’t click this link), a woman’s lingerie-wearing football team in the aptly named Lingerie Football League. The team plays its games in the Sears Centre. I know, if you’re like me and are all “what-de-heck-is-lingerie-football?”, The Cheap Seats provides enlightenment, “Well, at least now there’s something for those of you looking to combine your loves of flipping thru the bra section of The Bay catalog and pigskin,” or yep, it’s pretty much “exactly what it sounds like.”

2 Responses to Paralegal Posting of the Week: Come See the Legal Side of Sears

  1. I agree with you. All eligible requirements for a paralegal job you have published are almost common for an office assistant job or for a back-office job. Above all for a paralegal job we need only the additional knowledge of “legal know-how”. As a civilian it is necessary to familiar with the basic fundamentals of the law of our country. So it’s our time to grab the opportunity as soon as possible. Early fly catches the sky.

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