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Paralegal Posting of the Week: Disney Needs an Entertainment Paralegal

Paralegal Posting of the Week:  Disney Needs an Entertainment Paralegal

How many of you wanted to grow up to be a Disney princess, and are still secretly crushed that it never happened? Working for Disney in New York might go a long way toward easing your disappointment.

Our Legal Department is looking for a Paralegal to assist the Attorneys in our New York office. This role entails a combination of contract administration in addition to the day to day responsibilities of a Paralegal. This position will report directly to the Senior Vice President of Business and Legal Affairs and will partner with two other attorneys to oversee contract administration and draft and negotiate various agreements. The ideal candidate is a professional with keen attention to detail, a service-oriented attitude and a strong work ethic.

Responsibilities include, but not limited to:
-Maintain calendaring of all action dates /deadlines and create reminder notices.
-Generate monthly summary for management and project executives.
-Assist Legal team in researching and preparing chain of title reviews.
-Prepare and draft relevant term sheets and contracts relating to confidential disclosures and content acquisitions.
-Contract Preparation and Negotiation: talent agreements, including amendments to numerous agreements, such as rights, writers and directors, various recording contracts for stock and amateur business.
-Work with internal and external contacts to obtain and track the use of name/logo, location agreements in addition to the use of photos clearances for range of entertainment content.
-Research and advise, under supervision of counsel, regarding vendor/production/venue insurance compliance and product licensing.

Requirements for this job are:

Degree: Bachelor’s and/or Paralegal Certificate
Experience: Experience within the entertainment industry. Theatre experience is a plus.
Software: Not stated.
Skills: Strong drafting, negotiating, writing and computer skills; the ability to problem solve in a business-friendly, creative manner;
Other: Must be willing to take “ownership” of projects and think proactively. The right candidate will have the ability to work independently, manage projects, analyze situations and identify potential solutions with the willingness to assist in whatever is needed to complete the task.

Which Disney princess are you? I took the Disney princess quiz at and I’m Belle, which is exactly right, because I always had a thing for The Beast.

4 Responses to Paralegal Posting of the Week: Disney Needs an Entertainment Paralegal

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