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Paralegal Posting of the Week: Decathlete/Comedian Wanted

Paralegal Posting of the Week: Decathlete/Comedian Wanted

Or It Goes Without Saying By Now That No Divas Need Apply

I’m thinkin’ that not only is it a good idea for lawyers to have someone else proofread their briefs, but they should have an objective pal take a look at their want ads for legal staff as well. Although some of the ads that I blog about are more likely to drive applicants far, far away rather than attracting piles of terrific resumes, they still make my day.

For example, an Oregon attorney is seeking a part-time legal assistant or “legal decathlete” to work in what sounds like a super-fast-paced litigation practice, with some very demanding job duties, including “chasing down assorted white collar scoundrels (and there are a lot of those running around).”

Now I’m wondering if the lucky employee will actually have to chase them on foot.

Just my two cents here, but if you see that a “decathlete” is desired by a law firm, run – in the other direction. A decathlon consists of 10 track and field events held over two consecutive days. This job is not for your average bear.

Of course this ad could be a joke. Boy, I hope so, because the employer confesses, ” Attention to detail is a must. It is something I lack. 500 extra points to the applicant who finds every typo in this ad.” (Performance in a decathlon is judged on a points system…)

Then the ad just gets plain confusing, because it turns out it’d be great if the erstwhile legal assistant is really a “licensed attorney” dying to do “perfect production typing” (I interpret that as “be a legal secretary”) but – “hate to be so blunt” – better not be “high maintenance” or a “lawyer prima donna.”

Finally, another chance to win BIG points (1,000!) if you have a “great sense of humor,” which every lawyer seems to think is highly desirable in a legal staffer. I think I have a pretty good sense of humor because I found this ad really amusing.

Perhaps paralegal programs that want to turn out highly desirable graduates should seriously consider adding a class for aspiring comedians…

Thanks to my friend, the Digital Paralegal Cathy Ribble, for sharing this ad.

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