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Paralegal Profile: Jeannie Johnston, Founder of and Advocate for the Paralegal Profession

Paralegal Profile:  Jeannie Johnston, Founder of and Advocate for the Paralegal Profession

Job Titles: Paralegal; Account Executive

Employers: Founder and CEO at and
Account Executive at National Corporate Research, Ltd., Atlanta, GA

Years of Paralegal Experience: 16

Specialty Areas: Workers’ Compensation Insurance Defense; Corporate; Litigation

Career Highlight: Having a five-year comp case thrown out. The claimant had submitted reimbursement receipts for everything from Victoria’s Secret to bar tabs. When I was assigned to the case, there were over five bankers’ boxes worth of documents. I organized and summarized medical records from over 70 providers, as well as voluminous medical bills and receipts. The Administrative Law Judge was able to see “a real picture” of the case for the first time and saw the abuses that had been committed. It was an awesome moment – few and far between in insurance defense work.

Paralegal Practice Tip: Organize. Organize. Organize. Did I mention “Organize”? Well-organized documents can literally make or break a case. This may sound like a statement of the obvious and it is!

Favorite Internet Resource: Google and (of course!)

Fun Fact: I like to sing and write music with my husband.

Public LinkedIn Profile:


As many of you know, Jeannie has tirelessly and generously served paralegals through her website, which includes resources, recognition and a group listserv. Each year Paralegal Gateway recognizes 12 paralegals as “Superstars”. If this were the Oscars, then I’d recommend that Jeannie receive an “Academy Honorary Award”, the equivalent of a “Lifetime Achievement Award” for outstanding contributions to the paralegal profession.

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Contact Info:

Lynne J. DeVenny, N.C. State Bar Certified Paralegal

Owner & Virtual Paralegal, DeVenny Paralegal Services

Email: lynne.devenny[at]

Telephone: 336-582-0003

Inquiries are welcome, with free quotes available.

Meet Lynne:

Lynne DeVenny is a North Carolina State Bar Certified Paralegal with over 27 years of experience working on complex litigation cases, including medical malpractice, personal injury, workers’ compensation, and Social Security disability.

Disclosure: I am not a lawyer and cannot provide legal representation or legal advice.

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