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Paralegal Profile: Rob Lee, VA Paralegal & Baseball Fanatic

Paralegal Profile: Rob Lee, VA Paralegal & Baseball Fanatic

Job Title: Paralegal Specialist

Employer: Department of Veterans Affairs, Office of Regional Counsel, Waco, Texas

Years of Paralegal Experience: 3

Specialty Areas: Third-Party Subrogation, Federal Tort Claim Act

Career Highlight: As I have only been a paralegal for three years, I would have to say that my career highlight up to this point was receiving my appointment to the Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Regional Counsel. As a part of my daily duties, I am responsible for recouping medical costs for the treatment of veterans who have been injured in some type of third-party accident. This affords the VA moneys necessary to provide better care to our former service members who have sacrificed so much, yet asked so little in return.

Paralegal Practice Tip: For those of you who deal with the VA in litigation, I have a couple of tips:

· The VA does not automatically generate third-party billing. Third-party bills are not produced until after we are notified by either the veteran or his or her attorney that litigation is pending.

· If your firm represents a veteran for a Federal Tort Claim Act action, please remember that we are afforded 6 months, per Federal Statute, to investigate the claim prior to a formal suit may be filed.

Favorite Internet Resource: The one I use more often than any is Westlaw,

Fun Fact: I was a demolitions specialist in the US Army for 9 years. Oh how I miss blowing things up, it was the only fun part of my job.

Do you Twitter? Yes, @relee74.

Favorite Quote: “ Some people cause happiness wherever they go, others, whenever they go.” – Oscar Wilde

LinkedIn Profile:
I met Rob, self-described “crackberry addict and baseball fanatic” on Twitter and was thrilled when he agreed to represent the fellows in the paralegal profession by completing a profile for Practical Paralegalism.

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One Response to Paralegal Profile: Rob Lee, VA Paralegal & Baseball Fanatic

  1. Thanks, Lynne, for putting this piece in your blog. I enjoy your blog and the links are more than helpful.

    I've held quite a few positions in my adult life. At the end of the day, not one of them made me as happy as does being a paralegal. I've got to represent the fellows in this career field, we're a minority. I was the only male in my paralegal program. Thanks, again.

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