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Paralegal Profile: Sue Ann Jaffarian, Mystery Writer

Paralegal Profile: Sue Ann Jaffarian, Mystery Writer

Job Title: Paralegal

Employer: Hooper, Lundy & Bookman, Inc., Los Angeles, CA

Years of Paralegal Experience: 22 years (plus 15 years of legal secretarial experience)

Specialty Areas: Corporate/business

Career Highlight: Passing my CLA exam

Paralegal Practice Tip: Work to live, don’t live to work. You’ll be happier in both your career and in your life.

You are a published author of the Odelia Grey Mystery Series. How did you get started writing fiction?
I’ve always wanted to write. It was my life’s dream, but I didn’t really make a commitment to it until I was around 42-43 years old. Once I made the commitment, I set realistic goals and tackled it like I would any project.

As a working paralegal, how do you find time to write novels?
I write very early in the morning and several hours on weekends. If I’m up against a deadline, I write in the evenings, too. When I have a major project at the office, I squeeze in my writing when I can.

What is your next writing project?
I am currently working on Murder in Vein, a vampire mystery novel that is due to my publisher on February 1st. After that I will turn my attention to the sixth book in the Odelia Grey mystery series. I have four books due in the next 13 months. As soon as one is done, I have to crank out the other. In 2011, it should quiet down.

Favorite Internet Resource: I have so many! Of course, Google for both my writing and paralegal work. For my paralegal work I spend a lot of time on Westlaw and on various government agency sites. Wikipedia also for my writing.

Favorite Legal Software: I don’t really have any. I do corporate work, so don’t use a lot of specialized legal software.

Fun Fact: I completed the Camp Pendleton Mud Run in 2009. That was a major goal and accomplishment for that year. And I am currently under contract for 18 mystery novels, which include three different series. So far I’ve delivered seven of them, almost eight.

Do you Twitter? Yes. If so, Twitter handle: @sueannjaffarian

Favorite Quote: “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined.” – Thoreau

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