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Paralegal Starts New Applicant Screening Service in Illinois

Paralegal Starts New Applicant Screening Service in Illinois

Karen Poole, an AAS-Paralegal and Administrative Assistant employed by the Southwestern Illinois Development Authority (SWIDA) in Collinsville, Illinois, thought employers might need help sorting through the deluge of employment applications they receive for every open position.

“We knew there wasn’t anyone offering this kind of service,” Poole said. “We think it’s a growth industry. We were looking to be unique.”

So Poole, along with partners, Janice Bunselmeyer and Lisa Carillo, founded AccuCheQ (, located in Granite City, Illinois, a new company which will provide background checks for job applicants, as well as help sort applications and recruit suitable applicants. The Belleville News Democrat reports the company already has several major clients, including the Chicago Police Department.

Poole is right about the need for thorough and accurate background checking of potential employees, especially those who will have access to business accounts. The fact that many employers need assistance in this area is illustrated by a recent news story about a paralegal who was facing theft charges in one city but yet somehow slipped through a background check to gain access to – and steal from – another law firm’s business account. Companies like AccuCheQ allow small firms and solos to obtain accurate background information on all potential hires, even if they do not have their own HR staff.

Congratulations to Karen Poole, another resourceful and forward-thinking paralegal who saw a rare opportunity, in a down economy, to fill a growing business need. Practical Paralegalism wishes Poole and AccuCheQ the best of success in all future endeavors.

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