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Paralegal Student Warns Unsecured TVs Pose Danger to Children

Paralegal Student Warns Unsecured TVs Pose Danger to Children

In 1986, when my oldest daughter was a little over a year old, I was folding clothes in the living room while she played nearby.

I didn’t see her near the entertainment center, and I didn’t know that anything was amiss – until I heard a loud crash.

I whirled around to see our heavy old TV set lying in pieces on the floor. My daughter was surrounded by broken glass and screaming like a banshee.

By some miracle, she wasn’t even scratched, but I’ve never forgotten how close she came to serious injury, or worse.

Connecticutt paralegal student Sylvia Santiago wasn’t so lucky. Her two and a half year old daughter, Janiyah Powe-Santiago, was killed in July after a friend’s heavy television set fell on her.

Santiago, now studying to be a paralegal, said she never thought about the danger posed by a heavy television set on a low stand. She said she struggled through Janiyah’s birthday last month and that the approaching holidays feel like “round two.”

“People think ‘It will never happen to me; I’ll have my child forever; something like this will never happen to my child,'” she said. “Well, it did happen to me, so I don’t want anyone to think twice about securing their furniture.”

I’m sharing this story to help raise consumer awareness of the dangers of unsecured television sets.

Also, Sylvia Santiago has my deepest sympathy for the loss of her daughter, Janiyah. I admire her for working to help other parents avoid the same dangerous circumstances.

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  1. That is a really a sad story to read. No one can expect such an incident. That must be a great lesson for them who have the toddler in their house. I don’t have any utterance for the accident occurred with the two and a half year old daughter of paralegal student Sylvia Santiago. Most of all I want to show gratitude to Lynne DeVenny for raising the issue and able to grab our attention.

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