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Paralegal to Serve Time for Embezzling from Law Firm

Paralegal to Serve Time for Embezzling from Law Firm

I’ve been working on Practical Paralegalism’s “Top 10 Cautionary Tales for 2009” and just assumed that the field was closed this late in the year. But Connecticut paralegal Rosette Sankner is going to make the cut, albeit just under the wire.

Employed by attorney William D. Grady from 1999 to 2006, Sankner pleaded guilty last week – as well as entering one Alford plea – to multiple charges of larceny and forgery, and was sentenced to 10 years in prison to be “suspended after 14 months served.” She allegedly embezzled almost $170,000 from Grady, a sole practitioner, by “altering legal documents, deposits and computer files, and by forging checks.”

Sankner funneled money she stole from the law office of William D. Grady into credit-card accounts and used it to buy jewelry, clothing, liquor, gifts, Godiva chocolates and a Las Vegas vacation, among other things, an East Hampton police report states. Her Cromwell home also underwent extensive renovations during the time money was disappearing from an office trust account, documents state.

Grady filed, but later withdrew, a civil suit against Sankner. He says he has been fully reimbursed for the stolen funds. Sankner’s family and friends were present in court, hoping she’d be spared jail time after having paid restitution, but Judge Patrick Clifford “felt that some jail time was necessary.”

Are Godiva chocolates and a trip to Las Vegas worth giving up your freedom, integrity and career?

One Response to Paralegal to Serve Time for Embezzling from Law Firm

  1. A paralegal that I used to work with was just recently convicted of the same thing. She embezzled $110,000 over 13 months. She was sentenced to 10 years in prison. The judge suspended 6 and she will have to serve 4 of those long years, day for day, as well as pay restitution. We all wondered how she could afford to buy expensive clothes and take trips once a month, but always complained she couldn't pay her bills. We were shocked. She lost her home, her kids and her freedom! Definitely not worth it.

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