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Paralegal to Swim Longest Open-Water Race in America

Paralegal to Swim Longest Open-Water Race in America

“The Big 5-0” is a milestone for anybody, but this weekend, Philadelphia paralegal Jacqueline Eastridge, who specializes in corporate and securities law at Pepper Hamilton LLP, is celebrating hers by swimming – for 12 hours straight.

Eastridge normally runs in endurance races but has decided to “rest her feet” and instead swim in the 24-mile Tampa Bay Marathon Swim, “the longest sanctioned open-water race in America.”

Eating during a 12-hour swim is a must:

“We’re going to have cubed, bite-sized pieces of peanut butter and jelly pancake sandwiches, so that they can just throw two cubes in a plastic bag.”

Another goal of the swim is to raise money for the Philadelphia Dragon Boat Association youth team; the news article includes the law firm’s address to send donations. It’s wonderful to see Pepper Hamilton celebrating Eastridge’s achievements, featuring her in an April 12, 2010 news release:

“I’m very lucky to work in such a supportive environment at Pepper Hamilton,” said Eastridge. “My colleagues encourage me to pursue my athletic challenges, while also pushing me to work just as hard in the workplace.”

In 2006, Eastridge participated in The Sahara Race, “a 150-mile, weeklong test of endurance,” and shared her experience at her blog, Desert Endurance: One Woman’s Challenge. In 2007, she took on the Gobi in China, and in 2008, she raced across the Atacama Desert in Chile. She’s planning to participate in another 150-mile race later this year – in Antarctica.

Happy Birthday to Eastridge – and happy racing across the world as well!

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