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The Paralegal Voice: “E-Discovery Trends in the Paralegal World”

The Paralegal Voice:  “E-Discovery Trends in the Paralegal World”

The third episode of Legal Talk Network’s monthly podcast, The Paralegal Voice, “E-Discovery Trends in the Paralegal World”, co-hosted by “The Paralegal MentorVicki Voisin and me, is now available. This episode, featuring Tom Mighell, legal technology expert and a consultant at Fios, and paralegal Dorothe Howell, a paralegal with extensive experience in gathering electronic data, as the expert guests, explores everything from the basics of e-discovery to what it takes to train for a career in this growing legal specialty area.

In this episode:

■ The basics of e-discovery
■ New trends & technology in e-discovery
■ In-house vs. outside counsel roles
■ Training for a career in e-discovery
■ Tom & Dorothe’s favorite e-discovery resources
■ Practice & social media tips from Vicki & Lynne

In addition, here are several essential Internet resources about e-discovery, including those mentioned in this podcast, that you may find useful:

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One Response to The Paralegal Voice: “E-Discovery Trends in the Paralegal World”

  1. I definitely say that this is the new era for legal profession. Other than the lawyers, who know legal nitty-gritty well and determine to take it professionally definitely accept the challenge. Thanks to Vicki Voisin and Lynne DeVenny who have raised the issue so that society would be benefited. I wish them best of luck. This is the beginning and you have miles to go.

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