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The Paralegal Voice: The Power of Paralegal Education

The Paralegal Voice: The Power of Paralegal Education

The latest episode of The Paralegal Voice, “The Power of Paralegal Education”, is now available at Legal Talk Network.

Education is vital to a successful paralegal career. On this edition of The Paralegal Voice, co-host Vicki Voisin welcomed Linda J. Wolf, ACP, the current President of the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA) and Attorney Elizabeth Mann, Department Head of the Paralegal Program at Greenville Technical College, to focus on the importance of paralegal education. Discussion also focused on entering and growing in the career field, as well as what employers look for when hiring paralegals.

In this episode:

  • Why a paralegal career is still a good choice, even in a tough economy
  • Proficiencies and personal qualities necessary for career success
  • Trends in employer expectations re: education and certification
  • How to position yourself to enter higher-paying specialty areas
  • Why the paralegal field is an excellent choice for a second (or third) career
  • Where to locate information about paralegal salaries and trends
  • NALA’s Breaking News about its certification program

The Paralegal Voice also thanks its sponsors: Teris, West Deposition Services, Clio and NALA, The Association for Legal Assistants/Paralegals.To listen to this episode, follow this link.To download this episode to your MP3 player, follow this link.
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