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Paralegal Wins Unusual Pet Award

Paralegal Wins Unusual Pet Award

California paralegal Cyndi Goforth, owner of Auburn Paralegal Services, has made a lifetime relationship commitment to Zazoo, a tall, fine-looking, red-haired fellow who loves Altoid breath mints. He just happens to be a camel.

Zazoo was a gift to Ms. Goforth in 1996 and resides in her backyard. He’s intelligent, sensitive and loves kids. What more can you ask from a guy?

Until I read this article, I thought I was going to get the award for most unusual pet ever, after the five terrific years I spent being owned by Angel, the African Pygmy Hedgehog. (The picture is one I painted of him in acrylics — he had the same hairline as David Boreanaz.)

But as of right now, Ms. Goforth is the clear winner by a country mile; she also had an ostrich as a companion for Zazoo.

What’s the most unusual pet that’s ever owned you?

Auburn Journal

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