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Paralegal Writes Mysteries Featuring Plump Paralegal Protagonist

Paralegal Writes Mysteries Featuring Plump Paralegal Protagonist

California paralegal Sue Ann Jaffarian has written the fourth book in her Odelia Grey Mystery series, Booby Trap (Midnight Ink, 2009). The fictional Odelia Grey is “a middle-aged, plus-sized paralegal” on the trail of a plastic surgeon “to the rich and famous” whom she suspects is a serial killer (because his own mother thinks he might be the killer, too).

In addition to being a full-time paralegal in Los Angeles, a popular speaker, a writer and a blogger at Babble ‘n Blog, Ms. Jaffarian is a member of the Mystery Writers of America and Sisters in Crime, and has a new series pending, the Granny Apples mysteries.

Rhonda Pollero, self-described “Supreme Geek”, has also written a mystery series featuring “caffeine-addicted, discount-sale-shopping fashionista and under-achieving paralegal”, Finley Anderson Tanner. The third book in this series, Fat Chance (Pocket, 2009) is scheduled to be released this spring.

What’s next? I’m envisioning a wildly popular new television series about a paralegal crime solver who is both obsessive-compulsive and a frighteningly accurate guesser (stealing a combination of the USA Network Monk and Psych “hooks”), since paralegals are rumored to have super powers — including the ability to read minds, and to sort, organize and index thousands of pieces of old documents in mildewed cardboard boxes or straining Hefty Cinch Saks that might make a normal and reasonable human being run screaming from the room. Anyone got any ideas for working titles? (Patti, can I steal “Legal Duck”? It’s catchy.)

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