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Paralegals Are Typical New York Bull Riders

Paralegals Are Typical New York Bull Riders

I know. My own blog post title gave me pause, too.

To what extremes will hard-working paralegals go in order to relieve stress at the end of a work day?

Pretty extreme, at least at New York hot spot Johnny Utah’s, according to Metromix New York:

What’s the typical New York bull rider like?
We’re surrounded by Midtown company workers, so it’s an after-work thing. Suits, secretaries, paralegals—they’ve had a stressful day, they come have a few drinks, and they get their butt up on the bull. We also have a few regulars—they’ll have one or two drinks, but they come specifically to ride. I call them bull junkies. I wouldn’t be surprised if they purchased one for their living room, ‘cause I’ve been asked.

Does anyone know where I can purchase a mechanical bull for my living room?

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