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Paralegal’s Family Reunion Crashed by Cockroaches

Part of the reason I blog for paralegals is to show support for fellow professionals, but sometimes, it’s to share my sympathy, such as in the case of California paralegal Kirsten Cicairos, whose family reunion at Woodward Reservoir in Stanislaus County was crashed by a plague of roaches.

The Modesto Bee is reporting that the Cicairos family filed a claim against the county after being forced to flee the campground when their “food, tents and cars” were swarmed by the pests.

So everyone agreed to meet for four days in August, they said. The first was uneventful. But something went down Kirsten Cicairos’ shirt around dusk the next day, wriggling toward her belly.

“I’m trying to flick it off and I’m flashing my goods at my in-laws,” she said.

Everyone laughed, others said, and went back to barbecuing a roast. But then, “all hell broke loose,” said Albert Cicairos, the group’s 68-year-old patriarch.

“All of a sudden, thousands came swarming us everywhere, in our food and cars and tents,” Kirsten Cicairos said. “You know a swarm of locusts? That’s what it was like. They were everywhere.”

In this litigious society, a claim for $107.00 to reimburse the family for food, pesticides, fumigators “and $7 for having Waterford’s Big Bear Carwash clean underneath his vehicle” barely makes a blip on the compensatory damages radar. Whether the county is liable for the uninvited horde of roaches is a legal issue, but campground employees laughing at the family’s futile battle with the marauding bugs didn’t help.

As for the agricultural inspector’s identification of the creepy crawlies as “field roaches”, that doesn’t change the fact that they’re cockroaches, plain and simple. I was amused by the University of California’s Integrated Pest Management description of the field roach as “not really a pest. It is usually found outdoors, but sometimes comes indoors when it is hot or dry and is often mistaken for the German cockroach.”

Hmmm. I’m with you, Kirsten. Anything that is a subcategory of cockroach and comes inside – ever – is a pest in my book.

2 Responses to Paralegal’s Family Reunion Crashed by Cockroaches

  1. I can not think even if I am in my dream that a family can tolerate such a horrendous situation. Thank God, you have boldly accepted the challenge and help them.

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