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A Paralegal’s Purse Redux

A Paralegal’s Purse Redux

In January 2009, I virtually dumped out the contents of my purse for all ya’ll to see. I thought I’d located the perfect purse to transport anything a prepared paralegal could possibly ever need, but then as women’s accessories do, my purse had the audacity to both go out of style and start looking like a beat-up diaper bag.

It was time to locate a new purse. Inspired by paralegal Christine Parizo, who commented at the original post, including a picture of her super-cute “travel kit”, I tried hard to cram all my belongings into a much smaller tote, but destroyed two daintier bags in short order, even after sacrificing a few items in my attempt to downsize, like the small pad of paper and the digital camera.

But I discovered that I need a camera on my person at all times, so I can take photos of unanticipated events, like the log that got rammed under my daughter’s car on the interstate, while we were moving her to graduate school. (Yes, I’m furious at the oblivious driver that kept traveling down the interstate, apparently unaware that his unsecured log almost caused a 15-car pile up.)

Then I acquired another critical piece of electronic equipment that I have to have on my person at all times, my GPS navigator. I bought it after getting lost on the way to a N.C. Bar Association Paralegal Division meeting, where I was supposed to give a brief presentation on social media. Now I’m never lost, at least for very long, because I know that I’ve missed my turn when “Gar” starts shrieking “Recalculating! Recalculating!”

Add the netbook I’ve got my eye on, and I’m back to my original paralegal purse requirements – enormous, stylish color, and adjustable handles so it can be worn messenger style when I need my hands free.

After a lengthy online and in-town search, I ended up buying a Simply Vera Wang Cross-Body Bag, which comes in three great colors: red, black and purple. You know I bought the purple one. The exterior pockets are perfect for holding my digital camera, GPS navigator, digital voice recorder, tons of pens, my reading glasses and the soft peppermint candies I’m addicted to. And there’s just enough room left inside for my netbook-to-be.

Have you got the perfect paralegal purse? We’d love to hear about it.

4 Responses to A Paralegal’s Purse Redux

  1. This is my current favorite purse:

    Travelon Flap Front Messenger Bag

    Product Features

    * Large Main Compartment

    * Three compartment organizer with card slots, pen and lipstick loop, slide pocket and LED light

    * Zippered expansion panel

    * External cell phone pocket

    * Front and rear slash pockets

  2. I don't know about a paralegal purse, but a paralegal/teacher purse doesn't exist. My "suitcase" consists of:

    Full size Laptop with peripherals (cords, jump drives….4 of them 4GB, external 160GB hard drive, 2-3 CDs in cases)
    Textbooks (depending on many as 4)
    Student homework folders (as many as 5-6 completely full)
    Highlighters (set of 8 in packaging)
    Zone energy bars (at least 1 or 2)
    Personal items in cosmetic bag which consist of pain remedy, kleenex packs, personal sanitary protection, lip gloss/chapstick, handi-wipes)
    Zune 80GB with charger (or Ipod knockoff)
    1-2 bottles of water
    Change of underwear (yes, for those accidents)

    Unfortunately, haven't figured out where to put the kitchen sink yet.

  3. One of the things I love about my BlackBerry Curve is that it makes it possible for me to carry a smaller purse. It has a built-in GPS, 1.0 MP digital camera, voice recorder, and does video, too.

  4. Thanks so much for this post! I've struggled with this dilemma since destroying a backpack/purse I bought at Sears after many years of abuse! Love all of the suggestions by you and the other posters.

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