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Paralegal’s Recognition of Jury Foreman Leads to Mistrial

According to The Village Voice, a New York news blog, the jury foreman in a Brooklyn criminal case, Rayshawn Davis, allegedly failed to disclose at least two key pieces of key information: he knew the defendant, Corey Hinds, and he had a previous felony conviction. A paralegal with the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office made the connection when she stopped by the courtroom and recognized both Davis and Hinds from her own neighborhood.

During jury selection, while under oath, Davis claimed that he had no prior felony convictions. In fact, he did. He was convicted of felony gun possession a few years ago, and served a year in jail. But that fact wasn’t picked up until the DA’s paralegal made the alleged connection between Davis and Hinds.

The paralegal was in the courtroom one day toward the end of August. The judge in the case was handling miscellaneous motions at the time. While the paralegal was there, the jury sent out a note asking for a read back of the testimony. The jury and the defendant were brought into the room. When she saw the defendant and the jury foreman, she immediately recognized them and concluded they had to know each other.

The New York Post provided additional information about the alleged link between Davis and Hinds:

Davis, who also goes by the name Raymond Williams, frequently hung out with Hinds on the basketball courts near the Ocean Hill Houses, according to the woman who recognized them.

Davis may face perjury charges. As for the paralegal who recognized the men, as they say in baseball, “Good eye.”

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