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Paralegals Report Sexual Harassment by Supervising Attorney to State Bar

Paralegal Janice Ingram, legal assistant Rachel Allen and assistant public defender Danielle Bruno filed complaints with the N.C. State Bar against former Durham County Public Defender Robert Brown, Jr. The women reported multiple acts of alleged sexual harassment by Mr. Brown (their employer at the time), including making inappropriate sexual remarks, inappropriate touching and retaliating against them at work if they did not respond to his requests for sexual favors. Mr. Brown’s disciplinary hearing is scheduled to be held in Raleigh on February 5, 2009.

Staff writer Barry Saunders of The News & Observer states:

Of course, one reason Brown and I get along respectfully is that I’m not a callipygian client, assistant public defender, intern or paralegal in his office. Nor am I a single working mother with kids who needs flexible hours and, thus, an understanding boss.

Were I any of those, chances are I wouldn’t think he was such a swell guy.

You see, those appear to be the types of women most in danger of receiving what we’ll call the “full Bob.” According to complaints, that entailed being summoned into his office and, behind closed doors, being groped, propositioned or made an offer you shouldn’t refuse — unless you wanted to lose your job or get passed over for a promotion.

See The News & Observer.

The N.C. State Bar’s Complaint against attorney Robert Brown, Jr. is a public document and may be viewed at Mr. Brown’s Answer may be viewed at

Know your rights regarding sexual harassment at work. For further information, start with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) article “Facts About Sexual Harassment” at

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