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Paralegals Tweet Fast Food Faves for Stress Relief

Paralegals Tweet Fast Food Faves for Stress Relief

I know I just wrote a post about handling work stress by walking and bringing your own healthy snacks, but what’s a working paralegal to do when faced with a genuine need to hide in her car at lunch with a Sookie Stackhouse novel and the opposite of celery?

So, today I tweeted (for God knows who to see, including hello-is-my-boss-on-Twitter-too?), “Sometimes I deal with the pressures of litigation by sneaking out to Sonic and eating cheese fries alone in my car…pathetic? :)”

Apparently, it’s not so pathetic, judging by the responses of my legal buddies on Twitter.

Kristin Hilton (@Lawgirl55) promptly tweeted, “Oooooh, Sonic has cheese fries!? I’ll have to remember that when I am under litigation stress.”

See, Twitter is a public service, and I just welcomed Kristin to the wonderful world of Sonic cheese fries. I didn’t think she was quite ready to hear about Sonic’s chili cheese fries; it requires advanced skills to eat those without wearing them.

Christi Schmidt (@fluffybreeze), a part-time legal assistant, helpfully added, “A Frosty from Wendy’s is also good to reduce litigation stress. Go slow to avoid brain freeze! Makes a longer break, too.”

Sometimes your brain just needs to be frozen midday.

“Re: litigation stress don’t feel bad, I go to Starbux when I get stressed out and they know me by name,” was the reassurance offered by paralegal Jennifer Taylor (@JenTaylor1015).

Unfortunately, a midday Starbucks only makes me more jittery than I was before I hid in my car for lunch.

Finally, paralegal Karen Jessop (@mrsktj) assured me that, “I sneak out to eat Taco Bell alone in my car…that is way more pathetic! :)”

Whew, I am not alone, because Taco Bell is my other dirty little lunchtime secret.

The common theme here: stress relief food wolfed down in your car by yourself is only really effective if it’s messy and places your business attire at high risk for permanent stains.

Incidentally, Karen has a great Twitter profile which reads, “Rapidly approaching cat lady status while also working on psycho-woman certificate.” This describes exactly how I feel about myself on some days – possibly due to working for litigation lawyers.

2 Responses to Paralegals Tweet Fast Food Faves for Stress Relief

  1. Well, at my job at most I have 20 minutes for a break, so I don't really have the opportunity to run over to fast food for a break. However, a Sonic just opened up in the area less than a year ago and I have yet to go over there. Perhaps this Sunday. I hope they have milkshkes/malts.

    Another guilty pleasure that is on my goals to try is the triple decker Fatburger. I want my picture on the wall for all to see this grand accomplishment.


  2. So far, I have been combating my stress with dark chocolate flavored Hersey's kisses that I throw into my purse every morning.

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