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Plain Jane

Plain Jane

I can’t recall which popular style blogger recently asked if her readers’ style was getting bolder or simpler, but these days I fall into the latter category.

It’s not that I don’t have plenty of accessories or prints to mix, it’s just that I feel like keeping things simple is working better for me. I actually loved what I had on yesterday, a secondhand black Loft dress with a secondhand striped blazer, but of course the camera battery died before a single pic could be obtained. Last year I would have freaked, this year it was, “Oh, well, another day, another outfit, a recharged battery.”

 The Deets: Banana Republic cardi (clearance); Issac Mizrahi for Target wool dress ($5 GoodWill); 
Frye boots (eBay); Vintage pin (in our family forever); 
Stretch bangles from the tangles of bracelets I’ve had for 20-30 years)

One of the better pics of me not smiling where I don’t think I look too much like Mr. Ed
I’ll tell you a silly clearance purchase story about this sweater. I liked the color and the crop, but what I was mad for was the large safety pin that came with, as the closure. It looked like those huge metal pins on the kilt skirts we were all wore in the 80s. So basically, I bought a huge safety pin that I’ve never worn with this sweater or anything else. Uh, yeah, I am definitely trying to analyze my deepest, weirdest motivations when making a purchase these days, and believe me, I got weird in th’ shopping bag.
I love Jane Eyre, so maybe I was trying to dress like a modern day English governess? One that is freezing all the time? (And likes wild, sexy tights? lol)

17 Responses to Plain Jane

  1. Aww! You look marvelous as always. Your sexy tights are the perfect thing to set off the demure cardigan and awesomely fitting dress.

    Jane Eyre was a feisty lady despite her strong moral convictions!

    I've had to learn to stop shopping because of silly details or memories or any number of things that aren't "I need this, it fits me perfect, and I don't have one like it". Then I also have to go through "What does need mean and do I really need it."

  2. Well I've definitely been guilty of those purchases too and I am glad you are taking it easy on yourself style and blog wise. You've got a lot going on and I am just happy to see you here when you are here. Question–what size jackets do you wear? I scored two military jackets this weekend that are olive green and very similar to each other. Thus, I need to get rid of one! They are a size small. I love your dress Lynne. It is the PERFECT shade and shape for you!

    • Thanks for thinking of me! I've been looking for a military jacket to thrift forever, Robin! I'm kinda all over in jackets, owning size 0 to size 4, as well as smalls. Mediums usually are a little big. I think I'm about half a size bigger than you, judging by things I've sent you. Just pick the jacket with the broadest shoulders; if it weren't for my broad shoulders and apple ribcage, I'd be size two all over 😛

  3. Okay…you need help LOL. I'd be scared to crawl around inside your head when making that decision. (An oversized safety pin…perfect for when I will need adult diapers!)

    Although I've talked myself into some really bad choices when thrift store shopping. I think often we are just so relieved to find something that is in our size, not ripped or horrible looking that we feel obligated to buy it because it's only $5. Needless to say I am still trying to hone my thrift store technique.

    I do like the grey dress. It looks like a classic…oversized safety pin or not.

    BTW a little package will be coming your way…should go out in the post tomorrow, but it will take a good 7-10 days to get to you.


  4. Everyone knows that Jane Eyre wore purple and yellow polka-dot undies because they were the only ones left in the bargain bin.
    I love your tights with this dress (score at $5) and sweater. I liked your story of buying the cardigan for the pin which you have yet to wear! Sounds like my logic and subsequent wardrobe behaviour.
    No signs of Mr. Ed here WHATSOEVER, Oh Gorgeous One.

  5. Oh, you've made it totally yours with those fancy stockings, Lynne. Perfecto. I would not call that a plain Jane look in the least. More like a classic with a bit of honey bunny.

  6. You look beautiful Lynne … I like simple – less fuss and frills and fiddling but then there are days. Love your tights too 'wild thang'.


  7. LOL about the pin – it's all about the details, right? You look wonderful in this cropped sweater, it really suits your petite frame. Love those stockings too.

  8. Simple is good! I don't think there is anything wrong with trending towards simple. And I love this dress and cardi together! And I'm laughing about the safety pin – I do like the look of the vintage pin you're wearing though!

    • I think the lonely large pin needs an 80s kilt skirt to go with – I'll be hunting a secondhand one down, like one o' my dogs hunting for any crumb on the floor. (I may not have the world's cleanest house but by George, there's no food on the floor!)

  9. Clothes are the black velvet upon which the diamond of our characters shine. I just made that up. Somebody needs to quote me.

    Plain, perhaps. Yet what a stand out.

  10. Modern day English governesses (and non-governesses) are freezing all day long, that's the norm at the moment.
    There's nothing plain about your outfit at all, the sexy peek of tights, the cheeky A line cut of the skirt, the bling on the cardi, it's all fabulous as are you!
    Mr Ed? Was he a horse? You are gorgeous, you silly woman! xxxx

  11. Simple and elegant, Lynne, not plain. It's a classic look, and you look beautiful.
    Look how long your hair is getting, there will be elegant Jane Eyre chignons going on soon! xxx

  12. Plain Jane? As the French would say, 'Bof!' (in disagreement). Your safety pin story is funny, does it help if I say I wanted to buy our house because of the upstairs wooden floors and the bamboo plants in the garden?? Very random. The pin you have used in place is just right xx

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