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Practical Paralegalism’s Guest Bloggers Revisited

As a blogger, one of the best gifts I can receive is an offer to write a guest post. I’ve been lucky to have some terrific professionals share their knowledge and expertise with Practical Paralegalism’s readers.

A guest post is a great way to share information, without committing to the regular writing schedule that maintaining your own blog requires. Most bloggers love to have reputable professionals on board that they can count on for well-written and helpful guest posts.

Guest posts make terrific writing samples and positively contribute to your professional online presence. Because they generally should be in the 500-750 word count range, they are also much easier to write than longer articles for newsletters or magazines. They are an effective way to share a few key points via a top 5 or 10 tips, a quick how-to or a list of favorite resources in your specialty area.

For new readers who may not have seen prior Practical Paralegalism guest posts, here they are – with many thanks (again) to these guest bloggers for taking the time to share their knowledge and experiences with us:

How Do I Remain Ethical? by Ellen Lockwood

Top 10 Reasons to Become a Paralegal by Michelle Fabio

Tips for the New Paralegal by Tausha Major

Landing that First Job: The Experience of a Brand New Paralegal by Harold Weaver

How I Landed My First Paralegal Job by Ana Vazquez

A Relocating Paralegal Shares Some Tips for the Job Search by Jennifer Taylor

The Four C’s of a Paralegal’s Fortune by Deana Waters

10 Tips for Immigration Paralegals by Helen Parsonage

5 New Technologies that Paralegals Need to Learn Now by Tina Marie Hilton

The Benefits of Voice Recognition Software by Mary Babic

5 Ways to Tame an Out-of-Control Office by Judd Kessler

Metadata 101: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You by Beverly Michaelis

Realize the Benefits of the Digital Age While Avoiding Its Curse by Steve Adams

Do You Twitter? Smitty Does by Jeff Smith

You Think a Paper Cut is Bad? by Debbie Hones

If you’re interested in doing a guest post or a professional profile for Practical Paralegalism, please email me at

2 Responses to Practical Paralegalism’s Guest Bloggers Revisited

  1. Lynne this is a great idea. Having other write about things that they are interested in is also a good way to share lots of information and having it all in one place. Thank you for reposting. Would you mind if I "stole" this idea for my blog?

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