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Practical Paralegalism’s Recommended Reading This Week

I blog for paralegals, legal assistants, legal secretaries, and all the other legal staffers essential to the practice of law today, as well as the attorneys who want to get to know us better. Once a week, I share links to a half dozen or so articles focusing on legal news and humor, practice tips and technology.

Here’s this week’s list:

Basic Legal Research on the Internet ( ~ This article has a great list of mostly free “go-to” sites for primary and secondary sources.

Safeguarding Client Information in a Digital World (Oregon State Bar) ~ Technology is changing, and the ways that law offices maintain confidentiality need to keep up with it. (Thanks to the Oregon Law Practice Management blog for this great article link.)

Top 10 Tips for Surviving Office Life (Lifehacker) ~ From getting key tasks completed to avoiding sounding like the whiny co-worker your co-workers love to hate, this post gives great remedies for avoiding some pitfalls of modern office life.

In-Out Board Tabzon Keeps Tabs on Co-Workers’ Whereabouts, Kicks Ass (Business Hacks) ~ Tabzon ( is free. This seems like a great alternative to that dry-erase board no one can seem to find the time to initial in their haste to flee the office.

A Passive-Aggressive Craigslist Ad (Above the Law) ~ You guys know I love the Craigslist ads gone awry. So, what do you think? In this economy, will there be many takers for a legal assistant position that pays $8.50 an hour to start – with an ocean view?

Tell Her She Looks Ridiculous (The Careerist) ~ I can’t disagree with the statement, “Well, girls, law is kind of an uptight profession.” So, what do you do when a co-worker is a fashion disaster at work? Tell her directly, or keep mum?

Legal Secretary Claims Co-Worker Assaulted Him with a Biological Weapon (Courthouse News Service) ~ A complaint filed in Travis County Court, Texas, gives a whole new meaning to the concept of a “toxic relationship” with a co-worker. If this cause of action flies, then coming to the office while you’re sick with the flu might constitute assault and battery.

Website of the Week: JurisPro Expert Witness Directory – (Thanks to Patti Clapper of Patti’s Paralegal Page for sharing this link.)

Gadget I Want But Don’t Know Why: Kokonatchi bots that light up and burble something cute and unintelligible when you get a new tweet in your Twitter stream. Awww, they are so adorable – aren’t they? Um, can anybody translate? (Thanks, Mashable!)

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