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Practical Paralegalism’s Recommended Reading This Week

Part of the reason I blog for paralegals is to share information. There is a plethora of terrific information posted every day on many excellent blogs, so once a week I’ll try to break it down into a half dozen or so “don’t miss” articles focusing on legal news, practice tips and technology:

Here’s this week’s recommended reading:

“How Social Media is Changing Our Lives” from The Legal Water Cooler: I couldn’t have said this any better, and I considered just reading this post out loud instead of using the speech I wrote for my social media presentation to the Los Angeles Paralegal Association today.

“Instant Video Chat” from “Tinychat is a great resource when you need to see and talk to someone immediately and talking in person is not an option.”

“Online Drafting Resources for Your Virtual Law Practice” from Virtual Law Practice: This article has links to sites which have free legal documents that you may be able to use to help create documents for your firm.

“Tip: Using Two Monitors Effectively” from Mid-Missouri Paralegal: Since I’m lobbying for the dual monitor system at my desk, I emailed this post to my boss.

“The Merck Manuals on Iphone and Ipod Touch” from Future Lawyer: Now that venerable medical tome fits in your hand.

“Twitter Adds List Feature” from Social Media Law Student: If this helps cut down on the “Follow Friday” tweets – I’m all for it. Not that I’m against Follow Friday, but often there are a number of people I’d like to recommend that other Twitterers follow – without cluttering up the Twitter stream by sending 25 Follow Friday tweets.

“How to Identify If You’re Tweeting with a Lawyer” again from Social Media Law Student: This hilarious guide is right on the money in identifying lawyer tweets, such as “They request documents in WordPerfect format,” and “During a disagreement they tweet “#12(b)(6)” and sign off.”

Did you read an article this week that you think paralegals should see? Please comment and share the link with us!

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  1. I can attest, from personal experience, that using multiple monitors does dramatically increase productivity. In fact, I think multiple monitors will become a necessity as we transition to keeping more and more documents in a computer based document management system, rather than on paper. Since I do a lot of e-discovery work for my firm, I now have a three monitor setup on my desk and I really do use all three every day. Last week, while I was working on discovery responses, the middle monitor displayed the Word document where I was drafting the response, the left monitor displayed the PDF of the request I was responding to and the right monitor displayed other discovery responses I was cutting and pasting from while drafting. No minimizing/maximizing to switch from document to document and not one piece of paper needed on my desk!

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