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Practical Paralegalism’s Recommended Reading this Week

Practical Paralegalism’s Recommended Reading this Week

I blog for paralegals and legal professionals to share information they may find helpful for professional development, or simply entertaining during a fast-paced week. Once a week (or less when Life happens – expect less with many projects looming in 2012), I share links to a half dozen or so articles focusing on law practice and technology, professionalism, career dressing on a budget, legal news, and hopefully, a good laugh or two.

I also share the daily minutia of a paralegal and working mom at Practical Paralegalism’s Facebook Page and via my Twitter Feed, @ExpertParalegal.

I provide a wealth of style advice via Twitter…
Here’s this week’s links:

E-Mail Etiquette 101 (Lawyerist) ~  And always remember that your email in litigation cases could potentially end up as an exhibit, so send carefully.

How to Eliminate Your Unwanted Mail from Your Physical and Digital Inboxes (lifehacker) ~ I hate junky mail and spammy email, and therefore loved this article.

Five Cool, Free Business Apps for Your New Smartphone (PC World) ~ Or your old one.

Here are some of our favorite apps of 2011 (GigaOM) ~ I love Instagram, but will confess I still kinda don’t get Foursquare. Maybe if I figure it out, my life will change?

A Text File Disguised as a Load File (Litigation Support Guru) ~ If you’re interested in litigation support, add this blog to your feed reader. Amy Bowser-Rollins is taking her goal of educating litigation support professionals very seriously and is generous with her knowledge.

Selecting Heels for the Flats Fashionista (youlookfab) ~ I’d like to bat for Team Flats, too, but they didn’t pick me because I’m too short. This post offers some great ideas for those who want and need to wear heels – that are realistic for a busy day at a law office.

Camel & Leopard (Chic on the Cheap) ~ More proof that you can wear animal print to the office.

What Practical Paralegalism was over-thinking this time last year:

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