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Practical Paralegalism’s Recommended Reading This Week

Practical Paralegalism’s Recommended Reading This Week

One of the many reasons that I blog for paralegals is to share information relevant to our profession. There are hundreds of terrific articles posted every week on the Internet, but once a week I try to share a half dozen or so “don’t miss” articles focusing on legal news, practice tips and technology – plus a good laugh or two.

Because in a high stress profession like the practice of law, if I have a choice between laughing and crying, I pick laughter every time. Sometimes one good belly laugh makes the difference between fantasizing about bagging groceries for a living next week – or believing that if I stay positive and just tackle one challenge at a time, I can do anything.

Here’s this week’s recommended reading:

“Don’t Mess With the Help” from Paralegalese. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Melissa Hinote is an incredibly talented essayist about every day life as a paralegal. In this post, she discusses a dilemma that all of us can relate to – the client who becomes verbally abusive during a telephone conversation. Kudos to Melissa’s boss for insisting that his staff be treated with respect.

“The 2009 Holiday Gift Guide for Lawyers” from Reid My Blog! Still haven’t thought of a great gift for the lawyer who has everything? This gift guide is both amusing and helpful, with a few reasonably priced gift options listed – although I’m bemused by the inclusion of an $1,800 underwater cellular phone system…

“The 3 Best Netbooks Right Now” from Gizmodo. When I was the only paralegal that whipped out her honkin’ Dell laptop at a recent seminar, I wished (again) for something a little less obtrusive. A wee netbook that fits in my honkin’ paralegal purse has been at the top of my technology wish list for some time. I’m glad to see the HP mini I’ve been eyeing included on this list. (For all you very nice readers that keep urging me to get a smartphone – with two teenagers incurring expenses for braces, triple car insurance premiums for new drivers and college, the monthly service charges for multiple smartphones for the grownups aren’t in our family’s budget.)

“SnapHaven Keeps Your Photos Safe for Life” from Mashable. This service is included in Mashable’s “Spark of Genius” series. SnapHaven looks like it’s pulling out all the stops to keep our digital photos stored permanently, including holding the images in four different data centers.

“Email Notes to Yourself with Scribbly” from Business Hacks. A free Adobe Air app, Scribbly looks like a good option to speed up the process of emailing notes to yourself, from one PC to another.

“Essential Year-End Money Moves” from Lifehacker. The economy’s been hard on the legal profession – and our salaries. This post shares essential financial tips we can all use, including establishing an automatic savings plan and requesting our annual free credit report.

“Don’t Mess with Texas Blokes” from Above the Law. Never seen a motion to compel a lawyer to drop his Limey accent and wear cowboy boots? Then this here’s your lucky day!

“Discovery of Phone, Laptop Records Permitted in Vehicle Injury Suit” from I should say so. It’s too bad that a photograph of the three cell phones the defendant allegedly had in his car, along with a laptop computer bolted to a computer desk near the steering wheel, wasn’t included with the article. But I bet it would make one heck of an extra-large exhibit poster.

“look!” from The Blog of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks. I’m not sure what we’re not supposed to flush down the “toliet” here – but I hope Ricky doesn’t have to write for a living.

Little Gadget of the Week: Sparkle Labs’ Papertronics (thanks, Engadget). These are so cute (see photo above), but for some reason bring to mind that slang phrase meaning to really adore somebody, i.e., you “think the sun shines out of his _____,” er, rear end.

Big Gadget of the Week: Onkyo’s DX dual-screen laptop (thanks again, Engadget). Wow, as much as I love dual monitors, this thing looks like it can FLY!

Did you see a great online article last week that you think paralegals should see? Email the link to me at, and I’ll add it to the list.

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  1. Thanks for the fun links Lynne! Oh and if Santa or anyone else is bringing you a netbook one of these days – don't go for the HP! Best quality in a netbook in my opinion is long battery life, since you are using it on the go! Mine is Samsung with over 8 hours of battery – awesome!

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