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Practical Paralegalism’s Recommended Reading this Week

Practical Paralegalism’s Recommended Reading this Week

One of the many reasons I blog for paralegals and legal professionals by any other name is to share information they may find helpful for professional development, or simply entertaining during a fast-paced week. Once a week (or less when Life happens – expect less with the upcoming holidaze 🙂 I share links to a half dozen or so articles focusing on law practice and technology, professionalism, career dressing, legal news, and hopefully, a good laugh or two.

I also share the daily minutia of a paralegal and working mom at Practical Paralegalism’s Facebook page and via my Twitter Feed, @ExpertParalegal

I wanted the hashtag to be #NCBAOMG ’cause I kept getting the TSMP letters mixed up 😛
Here are this week’s links:

Thursday’s Ethics Trivia Question for Paralegals (Paralegal Mentor) ~ Do you know the answer?

What’s In Your Briefcase? 5 Essentials that Could Save Your Reputation (Atlanta Paralegal Services) ~  See also Grumpy Humbug’s Paralegal Survival Kit. Now I don’t feel so silly about last week’s toothbrush tweet:

Evernote for Project Management (ABA Techshow Blog) ~ I use Evernote,, every day for a multitude of professional tasks – it’s time for an update post!

Paperless Office Essentials ( ~ The only paper files still in my office are old pre-scanning days ones; everyone goes straight to our document management system for file documents these days.

TrialPad on Trial (LawyerTechReview) ~ What could have been a nightmare wasn’t. I can’t wait to use my iPad at a trial.

Today’s Coveted Working Look: Equipment Signature Blouses ( ~ The concept is great for conservative legal offices, but you can get the look for less at local discount retail or thrift stores.

A Little More Color (Fashion for Giants) ~ Gracey’s wearing a bright shirt and a beautiful pleated skirt with boots. I want a long pleated skirt, too. So comfy, yet so polished.

Sweater Layers (Employed Panache) ~ I would never think of this concept on my own, but I’m so cold-natured that layering cardis seems like a brilliant idea.

Practical Paralegalism’s Fave Fashion Blogger of the Week:  Big girl. Small Budget. Tiny Town. Vanessa’s photos and her styling are gorgeous. Her posts make me happy. I just want to go shopping with her.

What caught Practical Paralegalism’s eye like a shiny piece of tinfoil this time last year:

Who DeCapitated Frosty?
Flying Over the Holidays? Might Be Grounds for a Shotgun Wedding…
The Daily Effort to Make a Difference in the World
Useful FMLA/ADA Links
Help, I’m a Paralegal. I’m Falling & I Can’t Get Up!
Twitter Stalking 101: It’ll Be Our Li’l Secret

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