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Practical Paralegalism’s Recommended Reading This Week

One of the many reasons I blog for paralegals is to share information they may find helpful for professional development (or for a much needed laugh during a hectic week working with lawyers). Once a week I share links to a half dozen or so articles focusing on legal news, practice tips and technology – plus a good laugh or two.

Here’s this week’s recommended reading:

“Google Reader Lets You Subscribe to Any Page on the Web” (Mashable!) – This is golden. Google rocks!

“WestlawNext – A Study in Applying Knowledge Management & Crowdsourcing” (3 Geeks and a Law Blog) – This informative post contains links to a number of helpful posts about the new WLN.

“Free eSeminars: Learn Acrobat Online” (Acrobat for Legal Professionals)

“Bates Numbering in Adobe Acrobat Professional” (Mid-Missouri Paralegals)

“How Your Online Reputation Can Kill Your Job Chances” (Business Hacks) – Best quote from this post: “And if you’re connected to friends or relatives who might make you look bad to a potential employer, cut ’em loose.”

“Requests for Admissions: Admitting or Denying Part of a Request” (The Trial Practice Tips Weblog) – Great drafting tips, especially for those new to preparing discovery responses.

File Under “How to Burn Your Bridges Spectacularly”:The Revenge of Justice’s Assistant” (Above the Law)

File Under “Stuff You Probably Already Know”: “Jell-O Shots Are ‘Alcoholic Beverages,’ Judge Rules” (Lowering the Bar)

Most Desired Tech for My Dawg: Puppy Tweets. ‘Nuff said. (Engadget)

Finally, did you know that Apple launched the iPad? Really? You didn’t?

Seriously, I thought if one more post showed up about it in my RSS Reader that I’d shriek. Move on, folks! (Although I still kinda want one.)

But the brand name itself has become the butt of much hilarity. It amused me greatly to see that MadTV came up with its own “iPad” concept years earlier, and that this comedy sketch (um, don’t hit play if you generally hate MadTV or jokes about feminine hygiene products) went viral last week:

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