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Practical Paralegalism’s Top 20 Style Blogs

I started blogging about affordable career style for legal support staffers, not too long after I discovered the wildly popular blog Corporette, “a fashion and lifestyle blog for women lawyers, bankers, MBAs, consultants, and otherwise overachieving chicks who need to look professional but want to look fashionable.”

Dipping My Toe in the Style Blogger Pool

My first couple of posts about Corporette way back in 2009 included recommending that readers add it to their  favorite blogs, and then playing the knockoff game, i.e. the looks for much less. I loved the chic, classic recommendations for conservative offices, but quickly realized that most of them weren’t within my budget, even if I skipped my mortgage payment – or within the budgets of most legal support staffers and even many female attorneys I know.

I ventured into my first of many posts recommending affordable career wear for my typical readers, i.e. legal support staffers, around 2010, starting with dresses under $50, and then morphing into more frequent daily deals, like budget suits.

But I realized that Corporette wasn’t enough of a daily career fashion fix. I needed more, especially ideas for affordable office wear.

Finding Other Style Bloggers

I started following style bloggers who posted pictures of themselves modeling their own terrific style, but became a little frustrated trying to find bloggers that were older than 40, but still showing great finds for the office. I slowly dipped my big toe into the style blogger pool myself, thinking I really needed to put my budget recommendations where my mouth wardrobe is, and hoping to demonstrate that you can enjoy style at work without breaking the bank (or skipping your mortgage payment).

I’ve always loved my Google RSS feed reader, but the addition of a variety of style blogs has made it a daily pleasure to relax with at the end of a long day at the office. Not every style blog I read is career wardrobe oriented, or authored by middle-aged women. Some are just for the eye candy and/or the fun writing style, but all of them have influenced me to be a little more creative with my existing wardrobe and to thrift more, especially over the last year or so. Readers, and even some of my co-workers, have asked me which blogs I enjoy the most, so without further ado, here are:

Practical Paralegalism’s Top 20 Style Blogs (in alphabetical order):

  1. Already Pretty, Minnesota resident Sally celebrates every woman’s unique beauty, and shares her own amazing clothing finds and style.
  2. Clothed Much, the very chic Elaine and her guest bloggers are big on thrifted clothing and modest dressing.
  3. Economy of Style, this Missouri educator emphasizes chic on a budget, shops many of the same places I do, but wow, puts clothes together with a skill I still haven’t managed to achieve.
  4. Ephemera, Canadian Sheila finds the most amazing thrifted pieces, and has shoes I drool for.
  5. Fashion for Giants, Oregon resident Gracey is not a giant, but she’s 6′ tall and a very talented thrifter and self-stylist.
  6. Girl with Curves, Californian Tanesha looks like a model and wears very chic and affordable clothes.
  7. Kendi Everyday, this Texan owns a clothing store, and has a photographer husband who takes killer pictures of her killer style.
  8. Megan Mae Daily, this creative Tennessee college student always looks great and has killer shoes.
  9. Not Dead Yet Style, lovely Patti thrifts classic pieces and features the terrific Visible Monday posts.
  10. not dressed as lamb,  English woman Catherine is another creative stylist who puts the most amazing color combinations together.
  11. Over 50 feeling 40, Texas teacher Pam posts very affordable and fashionable outfits for work. Her mission is “to inspire women over 50 to look and feel their best.
  12. Pull Your Socks Up! (Growing Old Disgracefully), Desiree is like a really fun party in your reader every day.
  13. Rags against the Machine, educator Terri loves thrifting and has a great writing style.
  14. respect the shoes, I think Lisa may have way more money to spend on clothes than I do, but she has a fresh career wear style.
  15. The Dashing Eccentric, this talented blogger designs and makes most of her own clothes, and posts thoughtful essays about how women express their personal style.
  16. The Fashionable Bureaucrat, Megan expresses my personal philosophy best, “Sometimes, deciding what to wear is the only thing that gets me out of bed.”
  17. The Frump Factor is anything but frumpy, and features some terrific DIY projects.
  18. Shybiker is a thoughtful transgendered lawyer and style blogger generously sharing posts about personal style exploration and femininity.
  19. Wardrobe Oxygen, Washington, DC blogger and freelance writer, Allie, strives to show that “personal style can be achieved regardless of budget, body, or lifestyle.”
  20. What I Wore 2Day, Cincinnati resident Kasmira has fearless style, and a knack for combining unique separates and accessories.

This list might have been different six months ago, as some style bloggers I’ve loved have closed their blogs or gone on hiatus. Daily outfit posting is a challenge, so I hope you’ll give a big round of virtual applause to all the style bloggers out there, sharing their fabulous style and fashion finds, and inspiring the rest of us to appreciate our own style personalities and unique beauty, no matter what age, body type, or budget.

Do you have a favorite style blog not on this list? Please share!

6 Responses to Practical Paralegalism’s Top 20 Style Blogs

  1. Thanks to you, Lynne, I have been checking out the fashion blogs, too!

    It is difficult for me to pull together "cuteness" on any given day, but to do it conservatively, consistently and (dang, I wish I had another "c" word – I love alliteration!!) with an aging body is a challenge. As well as watching your fashion updates, I also follow some of the blogs you have endorsed.

    I also like The Working Wardrobe ( and, thanks to Pinterest, I have found

  2. @Andrea ~ I'm glad you discovered style blogs, too. I like them much better than fashion magazines, because the people wearing the clothes are REAL. And, yes, they have aging, imperfect, beautiful bodies just like us.

    I've been meaning to check out both Pinterest and Polyvore, but I just run out of time 🙁

  3. I've had a couple of new-to-me blogs from your list and feel so honored to have been included. In many ways, my work looks need to be conservative, but not quite as formal as yours.

  4. Lynne-
    I have been following your blog for years. I truly appreciate you branching out into fashion. As a career paralegal I have lived the boring conservative color lacking uniform for far too long! I am having a ball reading fashion blogs daily, adding color to my wardrobe of black/white/gray and trying new styles. O.M.G.!!! Anyway, my top 5 must read dailies are:
    Practical Paralegalism (
    Everyday Mom Style (
    Chic on the Cheap (
    Pink Peonies (
    Mix and Match (

  5. Thank you so much for including me on your list! You can never fail to impress in the workplace by wearing a 1940s frock or suit. They are cut to fit the body, have beautiful tailoring and details, just simple and no frou-frou. I always, always, always wear them with modern shoes and bags so I don't look like I stepped out of a Joan Crawford movie (I wish!!!). Because they were made during the war and post-war years when rationing was in place, the fabrics are very hardy and metal zips are strong. Most of the frocks have a self-belt, but I like to swap them for a tougher, modern leather belt, even a coloured one if the frock is in a dark colour, which they usually are. Great blog!

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