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Process Server Signs 200 False Affidavits

Minnesota process server Angus McEachern was charged Wednesday in Hennepin County District Court with 13 counts of perjury. He lied about serving 13 individuals, leaving them facing default judgments for cases they didn’t know about, according to criminal charges. The court vacated 186 default judgments in response to the allegations.

McEachern told investigators that he signed about 200 false affidavits during the six months he was employed by Major Legal Professional Process Serving in 2008, the charges said.

In one case, McEachern signed an affidavit saying that he had served a person in Inver Grove Heights on March 29, 2008, when the person had actually died on March 1, according to the charges. In some of the other cases, the people who McEachern claimed he had served were in another state, at work or in prison.

He faces up to five years in prison and a fine of $10,000 for each count of perjury.

Minneapolis Star Tribune

This 23-year old clearly did not take the critical role of a process server in civil litigation seriously, disrupting not only the local court system but the lives of the individuals he failed to properly serve as well.

2 Responses to Process Server Signs 200 False Affidavits

  1. There is a company called, which is an online directory of local, pre-screened process servers. They make sure the individuals who are listed on the website are of the highest caliber by making them go through a prescreening process – which includes an interview and letters of recommendation from legal professionals. is a free directory for legal professionals, and the staff will mediate any issues that arise — and subsequently pull any process servers off of our directory who are not performing and receive complaints. Websites like are doing their best to prevent these situations, like what happened with Agnus McEachern, from happening to others.

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