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Professional Profile: Haley Odom, Paralegal & Blogger

Professional Profile: Haley Odom, Paralegal & Blogger

Job Title: Paralegal

Employer: Slack & Davis, LLP, Austin, Texas

Years of Paralegal Experience: 8

Specialty Areas: Commercial Litigation, Aviation

Career Highlight: Taking a firm from WordPerfect to Word and then paperless. It was invigorating.

Paralegal Practice Tip: Learn Excel. Excel does so much more than crunch numbers for you. Indexing production, working on time lines, putting together important facts, creating charts and graphs – it’s all so easy in Excel. Learn it, use it, love it.

Favorite Internet Resource: I cannot tell you how often I use day to day. It’s wonderful and extremely easy.

Also, I really do love

Favorite Legal Software: KDocs. Hands down.

Do you use social media resources, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or blogs, for career and/or case development?

  • LinkedIn: I am on LinkedIn, but I have never found great success with it as far as career development is concerned. It has been good for staying in touch, even loosely, to former colleagues.
  • Twitter: I’m @HaleyOdom on Twitter, and am a big fan of Twitter! Not only has it been a perfect medium for me to get general information on any topic I could come up with, it has been a facilitator of excellent relationships. How else would I have come across @ExpertParalegal! Twitter has also been helpful in some of my cases, which is nice.
  • Blogs: I also have a blog, Haley Lobs Law Bomb ( My blog has been great for me personally. My writing is getting better, and I’m getting more comfortable putting my thoughts in writing.

Fun Fact: I turned down a scholarship in engineering to get a degree in English. English is harder than chemistry.

Favorite Quote: “If you hide your ignorance, no one will hit you and you’ll never learn.” ~ Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451

Professional Links:, Haley, thanks for the Twitter mention. It’s how I met you – and a lot of other terrific legal professionals nationwide. And I love and Ray Bradbury, too. Readers, I hope you’ll add Haley’s blog to that RSS feed reader I know you’ve set up by now. Also, if any of you would be willing to do a professional profile and share a little about what you do, as well as a few of your favorite professional tools and tips, please email me at

4 Responses to Professional Profile: Haley Odom, Paralegal & Blogger

  1. Kudos to Haley on a paperless office! Isn't this every paralegal's dream? Also, thanks for the great internet and software links – I've bookmarked them all!

    And thanks to Lynne as well for another great profile. I really enjoy "getting to know" fellow paralegals through your blog.

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