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Professional Profile: Jay Moore, Communications Manager for NALS & Social Media Enthusiast

Professional Profile: Jay Moore, Communications Manager for NALS & Social Media Enthusiast

Job Title: Communications Manager

Employer: NALS…the association for legal professionals (Tulsa, OK)

Years of Legal Marketing Experience: 8

Career Highlight: I started working for NALS right out of college. My highlight is the fact that I was able to find such a great fit so early in my career.

Networking/Marketing Tip for Paralegals: Don’t be afraid to try something new.

As a user of social media to promote legal support staffers and NALS, how do you think paralegals most benefit from using social media?
They will be able to truly see that they are not alone in their challenges. Social media gives them a way to connect to people that they may not otherwise be able to, giving them a whole new world of resources.

For paralegals new to social media, how do you suggest they get started?
Dive right in! No, I understand there is reluctance to using some of these new mediums and many of them are valid. I would say to get your feet wet and just be a spectator and ease into the full participation. You should do what is comfortable to you, but you also need to see the benefits before chalking the win up to the risks.

What is your favorite social media site for paralegals?
Great question, I am not sure that there is a favorite. I think that there are many that offer you a lot, and I say “the more the merrier,” so check them all out and see how each one can benefit you.

What is your favorite blog for legal professionals? I am going to assume you meant other than yours…I think Vicki over at the Paralegal Mentor offers a great variety of topics. (

Twitter handle: @NALStweet (also @Letter10 is my personal handle but not much said about paralegal issues)

Who are your top five recommended Twitter follows for paralegals?
Again, I am assuming other than @ExpertParalegal…I would say @legalninjaKris, @VickiVoisin, @DigiParalegal, @ParaGate, and @melihi.

I also recently set up a list of ParalegalTweets that you can find and follow all at once here:

How do you see paralegal associations using social media in the future?
We are actually taking a close look at this. NALS turned 80 years old this year and we have tried to stay ahead of the curve as best we can. I think there is always going to be a certain group of the workforce that will want to belong to an association that can provide them with education and networking opportunities that they simply can’t get any other way.

Our hope is to leverage the use of social media and networking to be present at all the locations our members are comfortable so that they have access to this education and networking without having to work at it. I still feel that associations offer professionals the best way to come together and learn from one another, even if the venue used for this learning is changing.

Favorite Internet Resource for Paralegals:
Well since I work for NALS, of course I think that our site offers a lot of resources! ( That said, I think there are a lot of great resources for paralegals out there, and it greatly depends on what you are looking for. I think that by utilizing associations such as NALS, along with social media and networking, it is easier for you to find those resources.

Fun Fact: I am addicted to beaches! My wife and I try to travel as much as we can and the beach is our only prerequisite! I also have a freelance marketing and graphic design business that has given me the opportunity to work with clients around the country on many projects,

Linkedin Profile:


I met Jay via Twitter, where he does a great job of tweeting on behalf of NALS and legal professionals. He is one of my recommended Twitter follows for paralegals. His Twitter feed is an excellent way to keep up with NALS activities, and he is an enthusiastic supporter of paralegals, legal assistants and legal secretaries, as well as social media use by legal professionals.

4 Responses to Professional Profile: Jay Moore, Communications Manager for NALS & Social Media Enthusiast

  1. Jay, you are very welcome. It is a pleasure to feature someone who works so hard to promote the professionalism and value of paralegals, legal assistants and legal secretaries.

    Julie, thank you so much for commenting – and using social media 🙂 – to give Jay a much deserved two thumbs-up!

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