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Professional Profile: Patricia E. Infanti, PP, PLS, NALS President

Professional Profile:  Patricia E. Infanti, PP, PLS, NALS President

Job Title: Legal Administrative Assistant

Employer: Ballard Spahr LLP, Philadelphia, PA

Years of Legal Experience: 33

Specialty Areas: Currently, commercial real estate. Over the years I have worked in many different practice areas, including replevin, bankruptcy, family law, business organizations/corporate, personal injury, wills and estates, criminal law, and residential real estate.

Career Highlight: Passing the NALS PLS certification examination was a career-altering event for me. However, I am the 2005 winner of the NALS Award of Excellence and that, along with being NALS 40th President, are also career highlights for me.

Paralegal Practice Tip: Tackle the hard or difficult tasks first – don’t procrastinate. It is much easier to handle arduous duties when you are full of energy, making the rest of your tasks a breeze.

You recently started a new blog, Patti’s Legal Support Professionals Blog ( What inspired you to start a blog, and what topics do you plan to feature?

The idea behind my blog is to provide short, easy “how-to” information and tips for office related situations. I must admit though that between my responsibilities at my office and my added duties as NALS President, I have difficulty finding time to post anything except a Tweet now and again.

You’re the 2010-11 President for NALS. What are your goals for NALS during your leadership of the organization?

I have asked members to Think Big and join me on a journey of possibilities. By opening themselves to Think Big ideas, I hope that members will expand their horizons, not only at the chapter or state levels, but personally, reaching for new heights in their careers.

Favorite Internet Resource: MoreLaw ~

Favorite Legal Software: Microsoft Outlook for calendaring; FileSite 8.2 by Interwoven, Inc. (online document filing system).

Fun Fact: When I was younger, I marched in an all-girl drum and bugle corps called the Royaleer Mounties. Our uniforms included hats similar to those of the Canadian Mounted Police, and we had the characters from Dudley Do Right on our flags.

Do you Twitter? Yes
If so, Twitter handle: @PattiPP

Favorite Quote: “With God, all things are possible.”

Professional Links:

You know what I love the most about reader profiles? I always learn something new – I had to look up replevin. Patti and Kathleen Amirante, PP, PLS, NALS President Elect, were the featured guests on a recent episode of The Paralegal Voice, “How Professional Association Membership Will Advance Your Paralegal Career,” at Legal Talk Network. For more information about NALS, visit

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Lynne J. DeVenny, N.C. State Bar Certified Paralegal

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Inquiries are welcome, with free quotes available.

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Lynne DeVenny is a North Carolina State Bar Certified Paralegal with over 27 years of experience working on complex litigation cases, including medical malpractice, personal injury, workers’ compensation, and Social Security disability.

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