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Psssst, TV Writers, Most Paralegals Have Never Flunked a Bar Exam

Psssst, TV Writers, Most Paralegals Have Never Flunked a Bar Exam

Okay, I admit that I didn’t watch Katie the paralegal toss her “pre-Raphaelite” curls on ABC’s first episode of “The Deep End,” even though I had a pretty good time blogging about her based on TV reviewers’ online articles.

Alabama paralegal, Melissa Hinote, who blogs at Paralegalese, took the plunge for me (sorry ’bout that, couldn’t resist) and watched it, sharing her very thoughtful and detailed notes in her post, “Splash!”.

I was eager to get the lowdown on Katie from Melissa (’cause I’d rather eat straight pins than watch it myself) until I read, “Apparently she has failed the bar exam…multiple times.”

Which was bad enough, until I recalled seeing this recent quote about another television paralegal in The Japan Times:

Kenichiro’s female cognate is the protagonist of “Magerarenai Onna” (The Woman Who Can’t Be Bent; Nihon TV, Wed., 10 p.m.), whose own scrupulousness is manifested as a stubborn refusal to listen to others’ opinions.

Saki (Miho Kanno) is a 32-year-old paralegal who has taken the bar exam every year for nine years and still hasn’t passed. Everyone tells her she should just give up and get married.

I say, “Girlfriend, go ahead with your bad self, and flunk that bar exam as many times as you want.”

Did anyone watch Julia Ormond in “The Wronged Man,” Lifetime’s new movie?

Please tell me that her character, Louisiana paralegal Janet “Prissy” Gregory, never flunked a bar exam.

(We’ll talk about that whole “Prissy” thang later.)

3 Responses to Psssst, TV Writers, Most Paralegals Have Never Flunked a Bar Exam

  1. Lynne:

    I'll tolerate it for one more week just to see our fellow Tweep Brian Cuban in his unsung cameo role as a nameless FBI agent. (At least that's what he looked like in the pictures he tweeted.)


  2. Super. Then you can tell us if Katie the paralegal could possibly get any more ridiculous in the next episode 🙁

    So far, all I know is that she's got a busy love life at work, which may explain the lack of success with the bar exam…

    Oh, and really good hair.

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