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Reader Question: How Can I Find a Job with a Family Law Firm?

Reader Question: How Can I Find a Job with a Family Law Firm?

I am currently seeking a position with a family law firm and am asking if you have any suggestions as to the best way to obtain such. I currently am enrolled a paralegal program, and have 30+ years of experience in investigations and collections. If you know of any posting boards (other than Monster, Careerbuilder, etc…) or have any advice/leads/etc..please contact me. ~ Paralegal Student Seeking Family Law Job

Practical Paralegalism’s Answer:

While I’m pretty familiar with the job market in NC, not so much in your state.

You probably know most of the online resources for legal job postings in your area, but don’t forget Craigslist. Also, there may be paralegal groups in your area or state on LinkedIn that share new job postings.

One of the best ways to get first dibs on new jobs is to actively participate in your local and/or state legal support staff association(s). Some of them have listservs or online forums just for members, and will post new positions with their firms. If you’ve had success with personal and online networking, you might even be contacted directly by local legal professionals when their firms have openings.

Participating in state and/or local legal and paralegal association sections just for domestic/family law specialists, and attending family law CLEs at practically free student rates, is a good way to update your practice skills, discuss your familiarity with the latest in that specialty area in job interviews, and meet people in this specific area.

You should also consider other types of legal specialty areas that could eventually lead to a family law job. If you are able to get internships, temporary positions, or contract work, that can be a good way to acquire practice skills and professional references.

I hope you’re enjoying your paralegal studies, and that you succeed in your goal to put your past experience to good use in the legal field.

Readers, any other suggestions?

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