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Reader Question: How Do I Find a Good Paralegal School?

Reader Question:  How Do I Find a Good Paralegal School?

What are some good paralegal schools, and what are their requirements – is there a central forum where I can find this information? ~ Seeking a Good Paralegal Program

Practical Paralegalism’s Answer:

The ABA-approved paralegal program directory is always a good place to start when thinking about enrolling in a paralegal program, Then you can check out individual program websites for their admission requirements.

If you don’t have an ABA-approved paralegal program within driving distance, look for reputable two or four-year degree programs in your area whose graduates do well in the local job market. Talk to other legal professionals about the best programs in your area. Ask school admissions officers about their job placement rates, and see if you can track down some graduates of the program, maybe even via LinkedIn,, to ask about their experiences with the school.

Readers, any other suggestions for locating a good paralegal program?

3 Responses to Reader Question: How Do I Find a Good Paralegal School?

  1. My local paralegal association has student reps from most (all?) of the paralegal programs in the area. The reps are either current students or have recently graduated. They'd be great people to ask about their schools, and give a different perspective than the school itself.

  2. Check the list on the American Association for Paralegal Education website: The website also gives guidance on chosing a good program.

    While ABA approval is a good feature, many schools have programs as good as or better than the ABA approved schools but do not have ABA approval because of the expense (it is very expensive!) of obtaining that approval – an expense that must inevitably be passed on to students in their tuition charges. ABA also does not grant approval to some very good programs because the ABA is somewhat behind the times when it comes to the use of technology for educational purposes. Thus the prestigious and very good Masters Degree program at George Washington University does not qualify for ABA approval!!

  3. R.E.

    I realize this is a dated post and you will probably not see this, but thank you for that tidbit about GWU. I am going to verify to see if that is still accurate.

    I am in the process of developing a website/blog with resources and information about careers for those who do not want to get a traditional four year degree. The ABA certification issue is one of those things I have been trying to ascertain so that I do not lead anyone astray.

    Btw, my site is heavily under construction…so please be kind. I just started it a couple of weeks ago.

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