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Real Women Wear Wet Pants

Real Women Wear Wet Pants
This is what happens to those removable faux fur collars that many winter coats have.
See, designers? Only a real woman’s cat loves those scruffy add-ons.

I ventured into budget style blogging a few years ago, because I wanted to see real women wearing affordable clothes to work. So I present you with an outfit photo you’ll never see in a catalog, even though you might really want to know what the clothes look like after a day in a real woman’s life.

The Deets: SayWhat cardi (real old); J. Crew boat neck top (J. Crew Factory Outlet last year);
Express Design Studio fully lined wool pants (thrifted); Clarks loafers (Rack Room last year); Silver stretch belt (I’ve had it for at last three decades)

I know, seriously, wet pants!

Another style blogger recently asked her readers how they were getting ready for spring. Although she probably meant get out those spring clothes and see what needs donating or updating, I responded:

I. Am. Building. An. Ark.

The ark will be lined with removable scruffy faux fur trims.
Don’t forget my BLOGGER GIVEAWAY, guys!
If you want to win this beautiful brooch/hair ornament made by Suzanne Carillo at Simply Creative, the deets are HERE.

19 Responses to Real Women Wear Wet Pants

  1. Awww pretty girlll! Hello Miss Sasha Jane. Look how big she's gotten. I remember when she was a grumpy little cuddle bug on that green bed. Now she fills it up!

    And you are looking marvelous, Lynne. I was rocking the wet pants all day too. It's poured and poured. That cardigan is cool to the max! It's got a very All Saints vibe.

  2. Oh, that Sasha Jane!!! Aww on the wet pants – haaating soaked hems is the reason my jeans are just a hair short with my boots in a recent post, lol. At least you can call it ombre effect; I am admiring your cool earrings, super-awesome belt, and excellent cardi-ends for the drama. Please save a seat for me – your ark sounds pret-ty plush!

  3. Your legs look a mile long in those trousers. Wet cuffs are so romantic… Nothing like a wet cuff to kick the day off and end the day as well… Arg. Can I come over for tea on your ark? It sounds luxurious and the sea air will do me good.

  4. "Wet pants" has a completely different connotation to a Brit so I was wondering what on earth you were blogging about! Sasha Jane is anm absolute beauty and you look gorgeous, so tall and willowy in your wide legged trousers and long-line cardi, just pass them off a dip-dyed and fool the hipsters! x

  5. Welcome to the real world, where rain dampens our pants, zippers bust at the wrong moment, and lunch inexplicably ends up dotting our white shirt. Oh well, at least on our blogs we can pretend everything looks perfect. 🙂

  6. My goodness Sasha Jane is so pretty – those eyes! She really has gotten big hasn't she?

    I love your outfit, wet pants and all, because it's just so classic and chic. The pants look like they were made for you!

  7. Wet pants or not, I adore…ADORE this outfit. This is the kind of pants outfit that is perfect for the office, classroom or even running errands. Beautiful.

  8. Love the wet pants look
    The other night husband took the dog out for a walk and came back with wetness all the way to his knees from the rain

  9. Your blog is so real and always includes the most wonderful of stories. I thought the pants were a different color on the cuffs. You could have fooled me! Always stylish and you can make any outfit shine. The cardi is a dream!

  10. Hey Sasha Jane, you are one gorgeous puss! What a face. I have a gray cat too, but she is beautiful only to her loving parents (hint: her nickname is "Fatty"). I love your blog b/c it is so real, including wet pants, and I admit when I read the title I feared worse : o

    Stay strong and carry on, xoxoxoxo

  11. I will come on your ark please, but not sure who I would pair up with, perhaps a zebra for my love of stripes?

    Love your wet trousers shot! Some days, it is just going to happen!

  12. At first I thought your pants were linen. Water is deadly to linen – as is humidity, sitting and just about any other activity. Can you tell that I just got a pair of linen blend pants and I'm regretting my purchase? Lined wool is lovely though – despite the soggy hem!

  13. Are you starting a new trend? …or onto one? I think so, just wait and you'll see that subtle wet look on all the blogs.

    And that kitty is just too purdy for words.

  14. Miss SJ, Prettiest Puss in the Blogosphere (please don't tell my Jess I said that…)
    Yes, wet pants means a whole other kind of accident to me too! One which makes soaked trouser hems seem no problem at all…You look elegant and tall and leggy, Lynne, there could be all sorts of wardrobe malfunctions going on and I would just see lovely you, looking great! xxxxx

  15. Oh, Lynne, I LOVE that outfit! I do. Gray has become one of my new favorites! That looks really good on you. By the way, I think the cat believes he owns the universe! I can see it in his eyes.


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