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Reason Number 683 to Wear Bling: You Will Look Like a Princess

Reason Number 683 to Wear Bling: You Will Look Like a Princess

Not everybody can afford a diamond, much less diamonds plural, which is why rhinestones (does it sound better to say diamond simulants?) are so fabulous and accessible, with the added value of being extremely versatile. Throw on a rhinestone collar with a sweater and jeans for chic casual look guaranteed to get you noticed (in a good way hopefully) at the grocery store, or while having cocktails with the girls. Add one to a simple dress, and go to the office and out for cocktails afterwards. Hmmm, in summary, rhinestones and cocktails go together really well, but I digress, yes?

Heck, even real princesses rock rhinestones.

Via Today News

If I’d been anywhere near Kate on this red carpet, I would have had to stifle the extremely undignified urge to wrestle her to the ground to grab this exquisite collar of faux gems. At best, I would have stalked her mercilessly until I could see the collar in all its fabulosity really super up close (bifocal crowd here) and then asked some incredibly gauche question, like, “OMG. OMG. No, really, OMG. Are those The Crown Jewels?” Well, doh, obvi, these are paste (not really obvi, I thought they were real), and no, we commoners still can’t have them because they’re already sold out online.

This is where secondhand, vintage and/or preloved jewelry comes to the rescue. I have several vintage multi-chain rhinestone necklaces discovered in flea markets when I was in college, as well as an antique one inherited from my grandmother. But you can also find them online, ranging from $10 to several hundred dollars, depending on the age, designer, and condition of the piece – and the number of rhinestones. Don’t rule out vintage-inspired or reproduction pieces either, especially for a well-made piece that suits your unique style.
I could happily spend hours browsing online for antique or reproduction rhinestone necklaces fit for and inspired by a princess, such as this lovely collar, a little less showy than Kate’s, but done in a beautiful classic design suitable for both special occasions and everyday wear:
Via eBay (available as of the date of this post)
So, dear readers, are you Team Rhinestone Collars Even in Broad Daylight For Sure, or Over-Sugared Tiara-Wearing Tots Can Stick Rhinestone Collars Where the Sun Don’t Shine?

8 Responses to Reason Number 683 to Wear Bling: You Will Look Like a Princess

  1. Rhinestones all the way! But I don't wear them. I don't know why. Show me yours, Lynne. I would have thought Kate's were real. Go figure.

  2. Kate's were fab! I only own one small diamond, from my mother's old engagement ring. Never bought one. Gimme rhinestones any day!

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