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Rediscovered LBD

Rediscovered LBD

Things have been a little a lot rough around here the last week or so. I prepared for the big 5-0 by having my back give out the week before my birthday. Lying on your back like an upside down turtle is not the best way to get your groove thing on. And The Teen’s health is deteriorating, which is very worrisome, but she’s getting the best of medical care.

The Deets: Jones New York dress (old); Benetton cropped cardi (GoodWill); Belt (Steinmart a while back); Candies Mary Janes (Old Kohls clearance); MMD Button Flowers; Vintage cuff ($1.50 yardsale, gift from a friend)

This morning I didn’t care what I put on for work. I actually fished this dress out of the consignment pile, put it on, and then wondered why the hell it got put in the donate pile. It’s just a plain sleeveless dress with a less than exciting neckline, but it has a great skirt – and pockets. The Benetton cardi has the care label cut out, but feels like mohair or cashmere, and is cropped at just the right length for sheath dresses.

I was feeling pretty uninspired, but adding a couple of button flowers from Megan really perked me up, and I got several compliments during the day.

I’m super annoyed I can’t remember where I got the tights; I wish I had several pairs.
Finally, the Absent-Minded Professor, who kindly grabbed these pics, said, “Act like a kid!”
And so I did.
Ever rediscovered an item of clothing that was actually beautiful and still wearable in your donate pile?

28 Responses to Rediscovered LBD

  1. I found an item that should be in my donate pile and wore it today. Nothing happened. It's outta here. But you look beautiful in this understated but loud elegance. Your pops of colour really work. And your kid photos are perfect. Great idea. Nods to the photographer as well. I'm glad The Teen is getting the best care and TLC.

  2. Yeah, I have a had many beautiful, wearable pieces in my giveaway pile at many times! I have to ask myself why it got there in the first place, though. Sometimes I'm just tired of wearing a piece (after all my capsules, that was certainly true) and resting from it is all I needed before I loved it again. But sometimes it's because that piece just didn't suit me for whatever reason.

    However, this is a lovely dress on you, Lynne! The shape is so pretty. I love the little cardi and the tones of blacks and greys throughout the outfit. The pops of buttonflowers are the perfect bits of colour.

    So sorry to hear about the Teen's health, and yours too. Sending you all good vibes!

  3. You look gorgeous, I love the "act like a kid" picture, you look about 17.
    I can't believe you even considered giving away that dress, it's so a sweet fit on you.
    Hope the back's much better now and the teen's health is improving. xxx

  4. Ouch to the back; I did something to mine last year, and it gave me a week of misery, so I feel total empathy. And I'm so sorry the Teen isn't doing well at the moment, and hope her current health issues clear up quickly.

    You do look fabulous, though, and I'm glad you rescued this dress from the donation pile, because this outfit is totally brilliant. I need to age my stuff in my Oxfam bag before donating, because I have occasionally rescued a thing or in the past.

  5. So sorry about your back (50 is not easy, I am telling you!) and hope you're healing well. And continued healing thoughts to the Teen, who must be on your mind every minute.

    Love, love this dress and I'm so glad you rescued it! Megan's buttonflowers are the perfect finishing pieces : >

  6. Your back probably gave out from stress…I am so sorry about all that you are dealing with right now. The good news is that you look amazing in this outfit! Your smile is radiant and the overall style of the outfit is fabulous…I love the fit of the dress and the patterned hose. I hope today is full of joy!!

  7. I'm sorry your back has been acting up and I'm sorry to hear the Teen is not doing so well either. She's been in my thoughts and prayers and will continue to be.

    I told you on Twitter too – but those flowers sure do brighten up the entire look! I love how something so simple can do that!

    I've definitely fished things out of my donate pile before!

  8. The reason the dress looks so great is because you surround it with gorgeous accessories and elements, like the amazing striped tights and cute shoes. You have a knack for dressing well. Can I hire you as a fashion consultant??

  9. You look great here! Love your "kid" pose along the fence. I have a rule of thumb to keep my donation piles around for a while and I always end up grabbing something out of it. But there are still items I wish I never got rid of much later. One blouse I'll never forget because I'll never find another one like it again. It was psychedelic and semi sheer. ;(

  10. Yes to the dress! Take it back from that donation pile right now! Your hubs gives the best advice. And you both knew just what to do.

    Back stuff just happens like that and then after awhile it seems to just get better. After you've slowed down or completely stopped. Stress and aging is what I always point my finger at. hrmph.

    So sorry to hear about the state of your daughter's medical condition. As you said there is some comfort in knowing she's getting the best medical care there is and, of course the best from you and her family. Take care.

  11. I think putting things in the donate pile and then taking them back out again is one of my biggest downfalls. But hey, that dress does have a great skirt and if you found it in the thrift store for a few bucks, you'd probably buy it, no?

    Sorry to hear about the teen, I hope her health starts to improve.

    Chic on the Cheap

  12. Healing {{{{hugs}}}} to you and the Teen!!

    The dress is really cute–basic enough to change it up depending what you put with it.

    Usually if it's in the donate pile it just didn't work or no longer fits.

  13. I'm going to a Goodwill fashion show/clothing swap tonight and I'm already having second thoughts on some of my items. LOL I am glad you gave this dress another shot–it is so cute and perfect with Megan's buttonflowers! And that last photo is so cute! Hope your back and the Teen are feeling better and soon!

  14. That dress is really cute! I think you should keep it, I love full skirts like that. The buttonflowers really do add a nice pop of color, and the tights a great print!

    I'm sorry to hear about the Teen and your back. Sending you both lots of healing vibes and good wishes and prayers.

  15. So sorry to hear that your back went out. I am sure that is due to the stress of the Teen being so ill. I'm sending out good vibes for better health for you and your family.

    Glad to see that you are managing to carry on despite all the worries.

    I am happy to see the button brooches and bracelet…they add some much needed colour to the ensemble.

  16. You and the Teen have been so much in my thoughts. So glad she's getting good care, and I hope your back is easing.

    The proportions and composition of this outfit are so beautiful! Hooray for the rescue of pretty dress. 🙂 I love the light-hearted moments in these gorgeous photos, exra-dear at this challenging time.

  17. You look fabulous, and I'm so sorry it's been a stressful week – sending you best wishes for your Teen's recovery and a happy belated Birthday wish to you. I rediscover stuff I put in the donate pile all the time, either that or I donate a whack of stuff then say to myself a month later, "Why the hell did you get rid of that? It rocked!". I read somewhere online recently that the LBD has an 11-year average lifespan, which I find hard to believe, but I guess if it's classic enough and it rocks, well, it rocks. Here's to a long and happy life for your LBD! Xo

  18. this is a great look
    so sorry to hear about your back, nothing worse that a HUGE reminder that you about to turn 50 by having something like that happen
    hope the teen has an upturn very soon

  19. Sorry to hear the Teen isn't doing so well, I am sure your back must in some way be a stress response? Take care of yourself.

    And yes, it is very good you rescued that dress! It looks just right with that cut of cardi. And Megan Mae's buttonflowers saved the day! Xx

  20. Oh Lynne, I am really sorry to hear that your back is painful and that your girl is struggling with her health at the moment. Mush love to you both.
    It was a good move to rescue that pretty dress, look how perfectly it fits and you can do so much with it! You don't look like a kid in that final photo, you look like the funny, elegant, beautiful woman you are having a carefree moment. Let's hope for many more! xxxxxxx

  21. Ooh, been there with back issues over the years. The best thing you can do for your back is exercise to strengthen your entire core area.

    Love that dress. It looks smashing on you, and I am sorry to her that your daughter has been ill. Hope you both get well soon, xox

  22. I sorry you are having a rough time too… but at least you look good! I love this outfit… I need to get some button-flowers. Perhaps I will get some to use as hair flowers!

  23. Lynne I'm so sorry to hear The Teen's health has taken a downturn. Your family is lucky she has excellent medical care, but one still has to get up everyday and lead a life, which can be so dreadfully harrowing when a much loved one is so very ill. I do hope you can make time for yourself to get your back seen to. And darling woman … belated 50th birthday wishes dear friend!!!! You look even more stunning that ever, I do hope you enjoyed your very, very special day, you certainly deserved to be spoilt rotten by friends and family! Big, warm hugs to you :)) Desiree xoxoxo

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